High Point, NC – September 7, 2018 – National AMBUCS is honored to partner with the Gold Wing Touring Association (GWTA), as the administration’s special emphasis, to provide Amtryke therapeutic tricycles for children and Veterans who are unable to safely ride a traditional bicycle.

GWTA is an international not-for-profit social organization owned and operated by its membership. Its motorcycle chapters provide ample opportunities for long and short rides, monthly meetings, state and regional events and the annual Gold Rush rally. GWTA encourages good riding habits, involvement in civic and charitable affairs and the projection of a positive motorcycling image to the general public.

Judith Schaefer, executive director of Gold Wing Touring Association, Inc. said, “It gives me great joy to announce AMBUCS as this administration’s special emphasis. I was introduced to AMBUCS by our Illinois Chapter H and fell in love with the organization and its goals. What a great fit to pair our bikes and trikes with the AMBUCS trykes, a worthwhile charity the GWTA members and chapters can support wholeheartedly.”

The two organizations both have chapters based all over the United States. Gold Wing Touring Assn. invites AMBUCS chapter members to find their nearest Gold Wing Touring Chapter by visiting here and clicking on the state. National AMBUCS invites Gold Wing Touring chapter members to find their nearest AMBUCS chapter by visiting here and typing in the state.

National AMBUCS, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides over 3,000 free therapeutic tricycles to children who face barriers to exercise and to the simple fun and freedom of riding a bike every year. AMBUCS believes every kid deserves a bike.

National AMBUCS also provides free adaptive bikes to our nation’s heroes through its Veterans Initiative Program (VIP), a nationwide grassroots movement that offers disabled Veterans rehabilitative, therapeutic and wholelife health opportunities. Over 600 Amtrykes have been gifted to Veterans or VHA facilities in the last seven years. Many Veterans who bravely fought to protect our country now face life changing challenges. AMBUCS believes these Veterans should have every opportunity to engage in the active lifestyle they enjoyed prior to their service.

Amtryke, LLC is a fully-owned subsidiary of AMBUCS. As charity that owns an adaptive bike company, the priority isn’t profit but rather the life-changing impact of the product and program. Surveyed riders (or parents/guardians) consistently report improved fitness and cardiovascular function, an enhanced mental and emotional state, increased pain management and range of motion.

The fifteen Amtryke models serve as a gateway into recreation, fitness, positive peer interaction and fun. The foot, hand or foot and hand-powered trykes along with various adaptations, meet the rider’s unique set of needs, providing myriad solutions for a spectrum of diagnoses.

Jay Laurens, executive director of National AMBUCS said, “Thanks to partners like the Gold Wing Touring Association, the number of riders benefitting from the quality of life changes provided by the Amtryke steadily increase. There’s no greater feeling than helping children ride for the first time and our nation’s heroes return to an active lifestyle.”

Aside from funding assistance, AMBUCS chapters are often also looking for volunteers to help build bikes and to help put on other events, including the best ones of all – bike giveaways!

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Founded in 1922, National AMBUCS, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. That mission is fulfilled by providing Amtryke therapeutic tricycles to individuals who are unable to operate traditional bikes, awarding scholarships
to therapists and performing various other forms of community service. Currently, there are more than 5,000 members in over 158 chapters in more than 35 states.

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Gold Wing Touring Association contact:
Judith Schaefer, Executive Director
exec.director@gwta.org ● 800-960-4982 (GWTA)

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