We are so excited to announce that our Amtryke Evaluation and Fitting Training (AEFT) for Therapists course has been approved by ProCert.

The Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) developed ProCert as a comprehensive continuing competence activity certification program, as directed by the 53 U.S. physical therapy licensing boards. FSBPT uses the Standards for Continuing Competence Activities to evaluate the content of continuing competence activities for purposes of awarding CCU to physical therapists.

At the time of this writing, 34 states accept ProCert. Which means if a PT who lives in Delaware takes AEFT in Arizona, Delaware will recognize the CCU as valid. As long as your state is listed and you are a licensed physical therapist, the CCU are certified. FSBPT is actively working with states not already on their list and we hope one day soon that it will truly be a nationwide program.

If we hold AEFT in a state not covered by ProCert we will seek certification from that state’s PT Board and, of course, we will seek certification from the Occupational Therapy Board for the state where the training is held.

Please visit this page for more information about AEFT! We have already completed one course that has been retroactively approved and have another scheduled for January in Lexington, KY.

Thank you Ashley Schilling, PT – Music City Trykes President and Amtryke Therapist Training Coordinator – for taking on the immense amount work, research, follow up, coordination and general logistical heartburn this project has caused! ProCert Achieved. 🙂

Thanks, so much, to all our fabulous ProCert-certified AEFT Trainers too! Sue Haywood (PT), Ashley Schilling (PT), Aaron Stevens (OT), Kristina Bouley (OT), Marie MacLeod (PT), Christine Lysaght (PT), Denise Netteberg (PT), Emi Yukawa (PT), Aimee Carter (PT), Tami Forwood-Tubell (PT), Reva Reid (OT) and Joyce Peet (OT).

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