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Over $200,000 awarded annually
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National AMBUCS, Inc. for the future of Therapists

Since 1955, National AMBUCS, Inc. has awarded scholarships to students pursuing degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and audiology. To date, more than $10 million in scholarships have been awarded to over 16,757 students.

Who is eligible: 

  • Students must be US citizens accepted in a graduate-level program that is accredited by the appropriate therapy profession authority in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, or audiology.
  • Assistant or undergraduate programs are not eligible.
  • Awards are based on financial need, commitment to local community, character for compassion and integrity, and career objectives.

Chapter Sponsorship: Applications sponsored by a volunteer chapter of AMBUCS receive priority consideration. Find your local AMBUCS chapter. 

What is awarded: 

Over $200,000 is awarded annually with individual awards ranging from $600 to $1,500. There is one two-year award in the amount of $6,000. Award monies are deposited into the student’s credit account with the financial aid office of the educational institution.


When to submit:

Each year, National AMBUCS, Inc. accepts applications for its scholarship program from February 1st until May 1st.

Students must submit all portions of their application before the May 1st deadline. The online application will allow students to save their work and return at a later time.

In addition to filling out general information, the student will be required to upload:

  • Their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) SAR (Student Aid Report)
  • Proof of enrollment into an accredited program as outlined above and
  • One-page personal statement.

For Applicants


February 1 – Application Opens for students

May 1 – Application Closes for students

May 15 – Chapter Sponsorship forms due ( if you have been nominated by a local AMBUCS chapter)

June – August – Scholarship Committee meets to award scholarships. Awarded Students, chapters and donors will be notified by email. Recipients will be published on the AMBUCS website.  Once notified of your award, please update any school or program changes to AMBUCS.  Award monies will be sent to the financial aid office of the educational institution. 


Please be aware that the taxes of whoever is financially supporting the student must be filed before the FAFSA can be filled out. It also can take several weeks for the SAR to be delivered, so please plan ahead so you can meet the deadline.

In order to apply for this scholarship you must fill out the FAFSA and supply us with your SAR; even if you do not want to apply for Federal aid. You can accept or decline any aid offer made by the government.

Past the eligibility requirements, financial need is the first hurdle every applicant must pass (including those that are chapter sponsored). On the application, you will find an area to provide details about new financial information not reflected on your SAR (additional loans, etc.).

Proof of Enrollment

Please upload a document from your registrar’s office confirming your enrollment (you might also find this on your student portal somewhere). If this is your first year, the registrar’s office may not be willing to give you proof of enrollment at this early stage. In that case, please email

Writing your personal statement

Your personal statement should be just that….personal. You don’t need to tell us school is expensive and long and all the other things that are true for every single applicant. We would like to hear what sort of therapist you want to be and why as well as any volunteerism (especially serving people with challenges to mobility or independence – through AMBUCS or other organizations). We will be looking for all three of those elements in your statement…and, yes, we actually read them!

For Chapters

Timeline for Chapters

February 1 – Application Opens for students

May 1 – Application Closes for students

May 15 – Chapter Sponsorship forms are due

May 31 – Last day to update Named Scholarship donors Giving Criteria for current award season, if desired.

Last day for donations to the Scholarships for Therapists Programs. Gifts received by this date will count towards your chapter’s giving credit and will be awarded in the upcoming academic year.

June – August – Scholarship Committee meets to award scholarships. Students, chapters and Named Scholarship donors will be notified by email. Recipients will be published on the website.


Past Recipients

Juggling moving out of state, paying for school, paying for life, and anything else life throws at me has been difficult, but scholarships like these are a rainbow in a cloudy sky.

Alexis Medina

The University of New Mexico

I was able to repay the gift through excelling in my academic pursuits. I was able to have extra clinical hours in my school’s pro bono pediatric clinic. I would not have been able to do this without a scholarship.

Leah Paige Phipps

Southwest Baptist University

My scholarship allows me to focus on my education. This scholarship has lessened the financial stress and allows me to focus solely on becoming the best clinician that I can be.

Fatima Koroma

The George Washington University

I am excited for my future career in occupational therapy, and it is the AMBUCS scholarship donors that are helping make it possible for me to be an occupational therapist one day.

Sarah Fincher

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

This contribution was extremely appreciated and I am truly grateful!…I’ll be looking to volunteer with AMBUCS in the future.

Audriana (Annie) Hammond

Grand Valley State University DPT '26

I just wanted to thank you for your generosity and for choosing to help out OT students. This scholarship means a lot to me, and it will help ease some of the financial burdens that come with graduate school!

Julia Lalain

Western Michigan University

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