Volunteers from Texas Ramps, Tyler Area AMBUCS, and the Tyler Junior College Student Physical Therapist Assistant Organization joined together in early September to complete a 40-foot wheelchair ramp for an individual in need in their community.

Tyler Area AMBCUS partners with the Texas Ramp Project each month to build a wheelchair ramp in the community. The chapter provides the labor through member and community volunteers. Texas Ramps will complete the site visit to determine the ramp specifications. They will also purchase the ramp supplies and transport equipment and tools to the site. Tyler Area AMBUCS donates $500 to the Texas Ramp Project for ramp materials each quarter. Their partnership has worked well, and has resulted in a more robust ramp program, and more ramps for area residents facing mobility challenges.

The partnership started about 8 years ago, and has resulted in over 80 ramps being built in their community.

The Tyler Junior College Physical Therapist Assistant Program often volunteers to join in the monthly builds, and their students know how to work! Several Tyler Area Chapter members are alumni of the program, so it’s a great way to stay engaged and to encourage the next generation of students to get involved in the community.

We love seeing the Shoulders Together spirit in action!

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