Making Labels Disappear

National AMBUCS has removed the word 'disabilities' from its tagline and mission statement. The move was unanimously approved by the National AMBUCS Board of Directors at National Conference in Reno, NV.  Please read this letter from National President Randy Cloud, explaining the decision.

One mom said, "Reeve has disabilities, AND he is part of the population that your organization loves and serves.  What I like about your new mission statement and what you do, is you make those disabilities disappear.  They are gone from your tagline, just as they are gone from Reeve when he rides his tryke."

2019 Amtryke Catalogue

A digital preview of the 2019 Amtryke Catalogue is now available.  Skip to page 23 for a snapshot of what's new.

See our full line up of Adaptive Tricycles for people from age 2 to 102! With our fleet of 15 trykes and hundreds of accessories – nearly everyone can be a successful rider. More info...

We're Certified, baby!

We are so excited to announce our Amtryke Evaluation and Fitting Training (AEFT) for Therapists course has been approved by ProCert.

Currently, 34 state Physical Therapy Boards accept continuing competency unit (CCU) certification by ProCert. As long as your state is listed and you are a licensed physical therapist, the CCU are certified.

Please visit this page for more information about AEFT!

Mighty Avery!

This is Avery, our mighty lion of a 4 year old. Our goal for him is to lead as regular a life as any 4 year old - to recognize his disabilities but also to build his confidence and strength daily through them towards overcoming any obstacle. We are not alone: he has a community of family, friends, and supporters who contagiously follow his smile and energy for life.

We add to that community the unparalleled generosity of the AMBUCS, who our devoted PT Amy brought to our attention. They have allowed him to achieve his dream by finding confidence and strength with his Amtryke. As you can tell by his smile he is over-the-moon about his wheels. - Adam (dad)

Worth 10,000 Words!

Visit our AMBUCS YouTube Channel to watch all your favorite videos. These can be great PR tools for your chapter. Email links out to prospective members and donors!

Need continual cuteness to play in the background at an event? Choose the AMBUCS Videos Playlist and set it to continuous play.

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Lillian Lights Up!

Lillian gives us an 1,000 watt smile as she makes the first few pedal rotations on her brand new ProSeries 1412 - provided by Trek4Trykes. This reaction is what all Amtryke-smitten AMBUCS live for!

Don't miss this short video of her first ride. Her mom chases after her in the next moment; to put her shiny new red helmet on, we trust!

Recipients Announced

The Scholarships for Therapists Committee spent three grueling days narrowing a list of 1,580 applications to 277 scholarship recipients. See the alphabetized list of Scholars here.

National AMBUCS has been awarding scholarships to therapists for 63 years. With nearly  $9 million, we have been able to assist over 15,000 students. Investing in these life-changing careers has produced immeasurable impact in the lives of the people we serve. 

Help us educate even more students next year by supporting the Scholarships for Therapists Program. Learn more here.

Blog Launched!

We are thrilled to continue supporting the AMBUCS Blog - brainchild of Past National President Kevin Sheehan. The blog will cover a variety of topics but will focus on offering advice from chapters to chapters!

Do you have insight into a common sticky problem? Say, fundraising, membership retention, setting up a scholarship program, gaining media attention, structuring giveaways, etc? Please reach out to Kevin!

Inspiring Mobility & Independence

Wait, I’m confused, are you AMBUCS or Amtryke? And those are very strange names, BTW. Yeah, we hear that a lot. When you’ve been around since 1922, you’re bound to pick up lots of ‘character’ along the way.

AMBUCS began life as American Business Clubs, a membership organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities. As our model changed to a more standard 501c3 charitable organization, that name no longer described us. So, in 1961, we shortened it to AMBUCS (pronounced AM-BUCKS). It’s weird but so are we, so it fits.

In the mid-1990s we started making and giving away therapeutic tricycles as a national project. Just to keep everyone confused we called both the trykes and the company that makes them, Amtryke. Amtryke, LLC is fully owned by National AMBUCS, Inc.

AMBUCS now has more than 5,000 members in more than 150 chapters in over 30 states. Our members work on a grassroots level to fulfill our mission, Inspiring Mobility & Independence. The Amtryke Therapeutic Tricycle Program is one of the main ways we do that. Our members fundraise for and give away about 3,500 Amtrykes each year.

We will bring a trailer-full of trykes & adaptations to you!

While visiting, we can present an In-Service training session for your professional staff and, if you would like, a Bike Evaluation Day where we help you fit your clients to the best riding solution for them. We would love to show you how to bring an effective bike program to your fair city! There is no cost for a Road Show visit but our calendar fills up fast. Learn More >

We Change Lives...

Parents, recipients and therapists have noted that the Amtryke not only provides improved strength, tone and coordination but also confidence and positive peer interaction. Learn More >

Meet Our Kids