2023 AMBUCS National Awards


Ambuc of the Year
1) Garry Tischler (Grapevine Chapter)
2) Vickie Tangeman (Noon Network Chapter)
2) Paula Watson (Woodward Mid-Day Chapter)

Project Manager of the Year
1) Chuck Gibson (Greenebucs Chapter)
2) Bryan Skaggs (Enid Chapter)
3) Kent Jester (Great Plains Chapter) 

Therapist of the Year
Kathleen Martin (Great Plains Chapter)

Community Service
1. Enid AM Too Chapter
2. Walker Chapter
3. Mountain Metro Chapter

Local Charities
1. Southwest Chapter
2. Lititz Chapter
3. Irving Chapter

1. Ponca City Charity Angels Chapter
2. Mountain Metro Chapter
3. Edmond Chapter

1. Tyler Area
2. Greenebucs
3. Greater Champaign County

Top Recruiting Individual
Wayne Pettigrew

Top Recruiting Chapter


Blue Chip Chapters
1) Edmond, OK
2)  Bluegrass, KY
3)  Greater Champaign County, IL
4 ) Savannah, GA
5 ) Sullivan, IL
6 ) Great Plains, OK
7 ) Grapevine, TX
8) Lubbock Monterey, TX
9 ) Charm City Trykers, MD
10) Lakeside, TX
11) Parkersburg, WV
12) Mid Cities, TX
13) Conshohocken, PA
14) Longview Too, TX
15) Springfield, IL
16) Grand Rapids, MI
17) Ponca City Noon, OK
18) Ponca City Charity Angels, OK
19) I-80, IL
20) Red River, ND
21) Lawton, OK
22) Enid, OK
23) Greater Irving Las Colinas, TX
24) Keystone, PA

Top Ten Blue Chip Chapters (with Percentage above Blue Chip Goal)

 Double Chip
Greater Irving Las Colinas

Triple Chip
Great Plains

Quin Chip
Ponca City Charity Angels

Octa Chip

Spark Plug Award
Carmela Davis
Donna Hingten
Ashley Schilling

Superior Chapters with Presidents
REACH Cycles, James Howard, 2808
OC’s Special Spokes Susan Hoang, 1837
Greater Birmingham Area Greg Echols, 1812
Edmond Wayne Pettigrew, 1756
NorCal Trykers Gill Williams*, 1726
Grapevine Luann Chapman-Gatts, 1687
Greater Larry Windingland, 1537
Champaign County
Greenebucs Leti Hall, 1428
Greater Irving Las Colinas Larry Jasper, 1365
Walker Bob Mills, 1270
Bluegrass Joanne Luciano, 1256
Great Plains Jenny Clement-Shaw, 1217
Ponca City Charity Angels Misty Jordan*, 1195
Upstate SC Kelly Keller, 1174
Mississippi Bend Trykes Kathleen Powers, 1158
Mountain Metro Kristin Farmer, 1145
Enid Merl Cordray, 1082
Oklahoma City James Marr, 1018
Greater Portland Area Brittany Gurgel, 1011
Lawton Taren Cabelka, 1007
Enid AM Too Lesley Hofberger, 1001
Music City Trykes Ashley Schilling*, 921
Springfield Geno Koehler, 900
Longview Too Cathy Belflower, 898
Lubbock Monterey Bobby Sanders, 842
Southwest Ron Blessen, 815
Savannah Kevin Sheehan, 803
Adaptive Cycling of Southern Idaho Jan Yingst, 801
Mesquite Metro Jeffrey Armstrong, 792
Salina Danny Newton, 781
Air Capital Jeff Harris, 775
Noon Network Debra Bengston, 767
Vermont Chapter Mary Ellen Seaver-Reid, 760
Irving Dennis Webb, 759
Dodge City Duane Nietling, 753

Superior District Governors
5A – 764 points – Bryan Jester
5E – 763 points – Dick Nowlin (with Distinction)
5C – 525 points – Melissa Lay
5B – 516 points – Anna Blubaugh


Greater Champaign County

Greater Birmingham Area


Chapter Giving To-Date (Plateau Award)
Danville, IL $450,000
Greenebucs, OH $425,000
Enid, OK $400,000
Longview Too, TX $375,000
Grapevine, TX $325,000
Salina, KS $300,000
Southwest, TX $300,000
Edmond, OK $200,000
Greater Champaign County, IL $200,000
Enid AM Too, OK $200,000
Cornbelt, IL $175,000
Greater Birmingham Area, AL $150,000
SoCal Trykers, CA $150,000
REACH Cycles, VA $75,000
Reno-Sparks, NV $75,000
NorCal Trykers, CA $50,000
Upstate SC, SC $25,000
Owasso, OK $25,000
Las Vegas, NV $25,000
Southern Indiana Friends, IN $25,000
Lakeside, TX $25,000
Greater Irving Las Colinas, TX $10,000
Tyler Area, TX $10,000

Big Heart Award (Most Giving to the Charitable Programs)
1. Greenebucs, OH $25,481
2. SoCal Trykers, CA $24,403
3. Greater Birmingham Area, AL $21,491
4. Southwest, TX $21,372.66
5. Greater Champaign County, IL $19,740
6. Edmond, OK $19,292`
7. Longview Too, TX $19,064.06
8. Grapevine, TX $18,889.17
9. Mountain Metro, OK $17,483.37
10. Walker, MI $17,258.65

Cornerstone Chapter Advocates
Wendy Bond & AMC Urgent Care
Carmela Davis
Ponca City Charity Angels (2)
Priscilla Sacks

Amtryke Ambassadors
Wendy Bond & AMC Urgent Care
Carmela Davis
Edmond Chapter
Allen & Cheryl LeMieux
Priscilla Sacks

William L. White
Mark Adkisson
Lynda Bentley (2)
Wendy Bond & AMC
Urgent Care
Curt Boyer & Pam
Aimee Carter (2)
Carmela Davis (5)
-Crystal Melton
-Kathy Pence
-Melissa Ruffner
Donna & Aram Ecker
Enid Chapter (2)
Don Smith & Joy Enos
Flick & Shirley
Grand Rapids Chapter
Mike & Karen Gray
Great Plains Chapter
-Vic Menendez
Greenebucs Chapter
Billy & Brenda
Hagenbucher (2)
Gussie Jones
Hazel Kampschroeder
Lawton Chapter
Allen & Cheryl
LeMieux (2)
Ponca City Charity
Angels (2)
Priscilla Sacks
Gordon & Jenny Shaw
Matt & Lynette Trainor
Tyler Area Chapter
Mary Waller
Wuellner Family &
Friends (5)
Larry & Elaine
David & Patty Vannoy
Amy & Sandy

Named Scholarships
Joe Copeland Named Scholarship
Jay Laurens Named Scholarship
The Carlton Family Named
Dennis Clippinger Named
Carmela Davis Named Scholarship
Enid AM Too Chapter Named
Past National President’s Named
Scholarship (2)
Salina Chapter Named Scholarship
Southwest Region Named
Scholarship (2)
Southwest Chapter Named
Scholarship (6)
David & Patty Vannoy Named
Scholarship (3)
Don Smith & Joy Enos (2)
Ray and Deb Griest

Ultimate Givers
Wendy Bond & AMC Urgent Care
Carmela Davis
Ponca City Charity Angels, Ponca
City, OK
Priscilla Sacks
Enid Chapter, Enid, OK
Oklahoma City Chapter, OK
Longview Too Chapter, Longview,
Mesquite Metro Chapter,
Sunnyvale, TX
Mountain Metro Chapter, Lawton,
Greenebucs Chapter, Alpha, OH
Duncan Chapter, Duncan, OK
Great Plains Chapter, Lawton, OK
Woodward Mid-Day Chapter,
Woodward, OK
Keystone Chapter, Pottstown, PA
Mid Cities Chapter, Bedford TX
Greater Champaign County
Chapter, Champaign, IL
Walker Chapter, Marne, MI
Tyler Area Chapter, Tyler, TX
Irving Chapter, Irving, TX
Enid AM Too Chapter, Enid, OK
Lawton Chapter, Lawton, OK
Dodge City Chapter, Dodge City, KS
Edmond Chapter, Edmond, OK
Altoona Chapter, Altoona, PA
Noon Network Chapter, Salina, KS
KazooValley Chapter, Three Rivers, MI
Greater Birmingham Area Chapter,
Birminghma, AL
Amarillo Palo Duro Chapter,
Amarillo Palo Duro, TX
Southwest Chapter, Amarillo, TX