We know many of you have been waiting a long time for Amtrykes and parts to arrive, and we’re excited to share that we have 1,000 trykes and hundreds of parts scheduled to arrive by early November. Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about the upcoming delivery, and how we’ll be communicating about your order and fulfilling orders through the end of the year.

When is my Amtryke coming?
We have 2,500 total Amtrykes expected to arrive between November 2022 and March 2023. All customers with current backorders will be receiving outreach in mid-October to confirm their orders, please keep an eye out and respond. We will also begin communicating the schedule of arriving models and parts in the coming weeks. We’re still working to confirm which products will be in each shipment, so we can’t answer specific questions at this time. In general, parts and tryke orders will be filled chronologically, but not all models or parts will be included on every shipment. Orders placed in 2021 will be filled from the earliest shipments, but certain components and models have continued to be delayed, and customized orders take longer to fill than off-the-rack orders with no customization. Look out for more detailed information later this month about the expected arrival date of your order.

When will I be billed for trykes/parts I’ve ordered?
Trykes and parts are invoiced when orders are shipped to you. A pre-payment can be applied to the sales order prior to shipping. Payments are accepted online at paypal.me/Amtryke, over the phone with a debit/credit card at 800-838-1845 x114, or by mailed check to Amtryke LLC, PO Box 5127, High Point, NC 27262. Please reference the quote number, sales order number, or rider’s name when submitting a payment.

Why have there been so many delays?
We’re still suffering from manufacturing disruptions caused by COVID-19. Additionally, the bicycle industry was inundated with business during stay-at-home orders (like what happened when everyone stocked up on toilet paper), and the global supply chain crumbled under the sudden demand. Recovery has been slow, and though we are on a clear upward trend, we are still struggling with supply shortages that have prevented us from fulfilling orders. In addition, even after receiving shipments, processing nearly two years of back orders will take time. We thank you for your continued patience.

I don’t need a whole bike, I just need [insert part]. Why hasn’t it arrived yet?
Global supply chain issues have impacted parts in the same way that they’ve impacted full trykes. We continue to work with our suppliers to get both individual components and complete Amtrykes back in stock. Each upcoming shipment contains parts as well as trykes, and parts orders will be filled chronologically as parts arrive. Due to delays in certain parts, partial orders may be shipped as Amtrykes arrive, with additional components shipped at a later date.

Will there be Amtrykes in time for Christmas?
That depends on when they were ordered, and the model and accessories needed. We will make every effort to deliver the 1,000 Amtrykes arriving in November before Christmas, and some trykes may arrive but still be missing rider-critical parts. Unfortunately, we know that a large number of trykes on back order will not arrive in time for Christmas. We will do our best to communicate the status of all orders by November, so that you can plan your end-of-year activities accordingly.

When can I order Amtrykes again?
There is no time like the present! New Amtryke orders can be placed at any time. Orders are filled chronologically, so the sooner you order, the earlier in line you’ll be when new trykes arrive. We expect to be out of our current backorder, with many models back in stock, by early 2023.

When will you be out of back order?
We expect that all orders placed through September 2022 will be filled between now and March 2023. New orders placed after October 1, 2022 will be filled as quickly as possible, though fulfillment of certain models and parts could take up to 6 months under current conditions. We’re working to determine timelines for delivery from our current supplier, and the timeline for beginning production on our new Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA) Amtrykes.

Is inflation going to affect the prices of Amtrykes?
Yes. As with virtually all other products, the cost of producing Amtrykes has gone up. We’ve absorbed most of those costs, and have passed some on to you as customers. We will continue to watch supply and labor costs closely, and balance them to keep our business model sustainable. Knowing that costs may continue to rise, we encourage you to place orders sooner rather than later, when you know you’ll need trykes.

When will BCA begin assembling Amtrykes in the US?
We’re working with BCA and their partners to finalize the first of our redesigned Amtrykes. Right now, we’re hopeful that US-based assembly of this model could begin by Summer 2023.

Still have questions? Email amtryke@ambucs.org or call 800-838-1845. PLEASE NOTE:  We are unable to answer specific questions about when your order will arrive at this time.

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