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Register for the 16th Annual Trek 4 Trykes Walk-a-thon!

Why not participate in 16th Annual Trek 4 Trykes Walk-a-thon?

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2021 Participants So Far…

Mark Adkisson
J. Balmer
Alexandria Barnard
Alan Bedell
Pat Buckholt
Donna Carlton-Vish
Helen Coleman
Krista Cummings
Steve Davis
Paul Davis
Carmela Davis
Alene Davis
Alan Eakle
Sue Eakle
Jordan Fincher
Jace Fincher
William Flickinger
Shirley Flickinger
Cathie Gagnon
Sharon Goers
Marcia Hammerstrand
Sue Haywood
Kirk Hemmerick
Donna Hingtgen
Karen Holland
Tracy Jaudon
Misty Jordan
Hazel Kampschroeder
Christopher Lauck
Sarah Lawson
Tonya Lawson
Linda Mask
Steven Murrison
Nancy Nickell
Donna Patocka
Mary Beth Ramos
Priscilla Sacks
Cassidy Sanchez
Marlinda Sims
Chris Stow
Vicky Strauss
Dave Tangeman
Vickie Tangeman
Larry Turilli
Diane Ulbrich
Patty Vannoy
Linda L. Voyles
Jessica Wall
Dennis Webb
Jenna Wirth
Cynthia Young
Sandy Zimmerman
Amy Zimmerman




3rd Quarter Scorecard

3rd Quarter Scorecard

The quarterly Scorecard Report chronicles the goals achieved by each AMBUCS chapter. The points tallied in the report are gathered from the chapters via the Chapter Scorecard 1st Quarter (due Sept 10), Chapter Scorecard 2nd Quarter (due Dec 10), Chapter Scorecard 3rd Quarter (due March 10), and Chapter Scorecard 4th Quarter (due June 10) Forms. This is an entirely voluntary program. You can access the scorecard forms via the Forms page.

Using the Scorecard forms for yearly and quarterly planning helps keep a chapter on track for success. It also recognizes chapters who have gone above and beyond to achieve the highest levels of success.

The National President awards citations for Merit, Honor, and Superior Chapters at the National Conference each year. Each chapter scoring 350 points for the year earns Merit Chapter status and a banner medallion; 450 points earns Honor Chapter status and a banner medallion; and 550 points earns Superior Chapter status, a banner medallion and a watch for the Chapter President. A chapter can earn with Distinction status by also chartering a new chapter during the year.

Blue Chip Logo

3rd Quarter Blue Chip

View the 3rd Quarter Blue Chip Report here.

The quarterly Blue Chip Report chronicles the membership development of each AMBUCS Chapter and of the organization as a whole. The data contained in the report is gathered from the chapters via the Member Additions and Member Deletions Forms.

In order to encourage a sustained level of growth, each chapter is assigned a yearly net member gain goal based on the number of members at start-of-year.

Those chapters that reach their goal at end-of-year become a Blue Chip Chapter and receive recognition at National Conference and a banner patch. Chapters are ranked by net new members gained and the Top Ten chapters receive recognition at National Conference and a banner patch. Chapters that have achieved Blue Chip status two years in a row are called Double Chip, three years Triple Chip, four years Quad Chip; they will each receive recognition at National Conference and a banner patch.