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A Message from AMBUCS CEO Jay Laurens

Dear AMBUCS Friends,

I am writing to let you know that, after a great deal of soul searching, I have agreed to accept another position and will be leaving my role as CEO of AMBUCS. Finding the words to say good-bye is difficult when your life has been so powerfully impacted by those you’re about to leave. I’ve struggled both in making this decision and in composing the letter announcing my departure. Oddly, my thoughts traveled back to the wise and wonderful words of Dr. Seuss. In them, I found the inspiration to properly say good-bye, and more importantly thank you.

“UNLESS someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, NOTHING is going to get better. It’s NOT.”

More than ever, our world needs people who care. As Ambucs, your actions don’t just change the lives of those who receive Amtrykes, ramps, and scholarships. They transform families and entire communities. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work Shoulders Together with you making the world a better place.

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”

You may feel insignificant…just an Ambuc tightening a bolt, flipping a pancake, sawing a board, or putting a child’s name on a license plate. To each recipient of your kindness, you are so much more! You’re an answer to a prayer, a source of hope, and a reason to smile. Never forget that. How do I know you change lives? Because you’ve changed mine.

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

From the tiny newborn with cerebral palsy in the neonatal intensive care unit with her anxious mother supported by an occupational therapist who once received an AMBUCS scholarship, to the brave toddler with spina bifida excitedly climbing on his Amtryke, to the aging Veteran ramp recipient leaving his home for the first time in months…they all matter to you. As a parent of children with special needs – and very special abilities – I cannot thank you enough for recognizing the unique worth of those you serve.

“Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered.”

I hope to be remembered as a small nut – well, maybe bolt sounds better 😉 – in the framework of the bridge that spanned from our first century of service to the next. A bridge that shuddered and swayed but survived a global pandemic and delivered AMBUCS to a brighter future. It’s been an honor to serve with you, especially in the tough times.

“You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose!”

When I arrived at AMBUCS over six years ago, I quickly identified my likely successor. This servant leader possesses the rare blend of knowledge, skill, and passion required to steer a nonprofit organization. She not only has “brains in her head and feet in her shoes,” she also has AMBUCS in her heart. It brings me great joy that the National AMBUCS Board of Directors has endorsed current Chief Operations Officer Jessica Wall as your next CEO. I will be handing the reigns over officially in early April, but I will continue to work with Jessica and be available over the next four months during the leadership transition.

“You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way. Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed.”

Of course, AMBUCS will succeed! It’s no accident the organization has been around over 100 years. Your passion for the mission of inspiring mobility and independence will continue to fuel everything you do. Plus, you’ll be supported by an incredibly strong and talented AMBUCS Resource Center team. It will be so exciting to see where Jessica, Jake, Tiffany, Janice, Maria, Kayla, and Tony help you go. Like you, they are Ambucs through and through!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Easier said than done. I’ve definitely shed some tears as I’ve spoken with some of you about my departure. Still, thanks to you, I leave here with a smile on my face!

Shoulders Together,

Jay Laurens

Volunteer Spotlight: Dave Sauvageau

We are so incredibly thankful for our Volunteer Dave Sauvageau!  He has worked tirelessly to put 35 Amtrykes together since our first Amtryke in January 2020.  He has put in many late nights assembling our Amtrykes. Dave is absolutely amazing!  He is always up to the task and assembles our Amtrykes in a timely manner so our riders can put their new wheels into action.  One of our biggest obstacles besides our blizzards in Fargo, ND this past month was that we had Amtrykes come in big quantities making it challenging to get assembled and delivered but Dave was up to the task. What happens when the toe pulley bracket and accessories are on backorder?  Dave to the rescue. He made his own bracket for the Amtryke along with directing what to purchase for the accessories to make it work. Dave is always willing to problem solve with the members on how to make modifications and adjustments to help make the rider successful.  We have done 2 “Build a Bike” sessions with Dave which has been extremely helpful. We appreciate his dedication to Red River Ambucs and our mission to inspire mobility and independence!  We have 35 happy riders and more on their way!

Submitted by Kristin Peters
President, Red River Chapter of AMBUCS
Fargo, ND

Would you like to recognize a volunteer from your chapter? Submit your spotlight nomination along with a photo to Tiffany Albright, Director of Marketing & Communication, at

2023 Scholarships for Therapists Applications Open

2023 scholarship applications are now open to students pursuing graduate or doctoral degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and hearing audiology.

All AMBUCS Chapters are invited to sponsor one (1) student for consideration by the Scholarships for Therapists Committee per year. If you need help connecting with eligible students in your area, contact us.

Individual awards range from $600 to $1,500, with one two-year, $6,000 scholarship awarded annually.

Student Application Deadline: May 1
Chapter Sponsorship Deadline: May 15

Learn More

Get to Know Your Region Directors

Across the US, we have thousands of volunteers and over 150 chapters working to inspire mobility and independence in their communities. Region Directors are our regional liaisons, who serve on our National Board of Directors and help ensure news, needs, and other information flow between our chapters, our national leadership, and the AMBUCS Resource Center staff. They support our Regional Conferences, and help us keep the AMBUCS mission in motion in 100 ways every day.

There are currently 10 AMBUCS regions, and the six largest have appointed Region Directors: Southern, Mid-States, Central, Great Plains, Southwest, and Northeast. Our President-Elect serves as the liaison to the at-large regions: Northern, Northwest, Pacific, and Rocky Mountain.

Read on to get to know more about your current Region Directors!

Donna Carlton-Vish
Email Donna

Region Director Term: 2021-2023
Joined AMBUCS in: 1994
Member of: Emerald Coast, Danville, and Greater Indy Chapters
Favorite AMBCUS memory: I get so much out of watching those we help because they radiate happiness.
Favorite AMBUCS tradition: In Danville Chapter my favorites are the Children’s Christmas Party and the Opening Day of Challenger Baseball. The joy in the eyes of the kids and parents when Santa shows up is beyond words. In Challenger baseball when we have guests and players walk to the pitcher’s mound and a group sings or plays the National Anthem, chills run down my spine.
Goal as Region Director: I hope that chapters throughout my region can get to know each other and work Shoulders Together.

Dave Hallberg
Email Dave

Region Director Term: 2021-2023
Joined AMBUCS in: 2011
Member of: Grapevine Chapter
Dave’s AMBUCS story: A friend invited me to a social to check out this thing called AMBUCS. During the social, the group presented a precocious little girl with an Amtryke. Hours later, she was still racing that tryke around the room and squealing with every lap. I was HOOKED!
Favorite part about being an Ambuc: Finding unconventional sources of money.
Favorite AMBUCS memory: Our chapter re-engineered a tryke for a young lady named Kayla who had no arms, with a mechanism that allowed her to steer with her head. AWESOME!
Goal as Region Director: To be part of the introduction of the new tryke designs and moving toward a certain portion of the tryke being made in America!

Marcia Hammerstrand
Email Marcia

Region Director Term: 2021-2023
Joined AMBUCS in: 2015
Member of: Cornbelt Chapter
Marcia’s AMBUCS Story: After I retired, a fellow AMBUCS member, whom I had worked with, came up to me at a company retirement event, and told me he knew what I needed to do in retirement. He invited me to a meeting, and the rest is history. I have always been someone who went ‘all in’, so a couple years later I was President of our chapter.
Favorite part about being an Ambuc: It is great to see the smiles on recipients’ faces when we help them.
Goal as Region Director: To bring chapters together. There are a couple areas in the region where there are chapters a few miles from each other, and I would like to see them working together to help each other.

Al LeMieux
Email Al

Region Director Term: 2022-2024
Joined AMBUCS in: 1981
Member of: Walker Chapter
Al’s AMBUCS Story: Grandville Michigan Chapter of AMBUCS was chartering a new chapter in Walker. A couple of their members stopped in to use my office phone and told me about what Ambucs did. I was involved in my church, but not in the community. Before they left, I sighed up.
Favorite part about being an Ambuc: Helping others and making friendships in the community.
Favorite AMBUCS tradition: Attending National Conference
Goal as Region Director: Try to get in touch with the chapters in my region and reach out with my newsletter.

Robyn Rapp
Email Robyn

Region Director Term: 2022-2024
Joined AMBUCS in: 2012
Member of: West Norriton Chapter
Robyn’s AMBUCS Story: I had a friend who was active in AMBUCS. She had asked me numerous times to join the club at a dinner meeting. I finally made it to one and was hooked the minute I saw a little girl get an Amtryke. She was so happy, and her parents were so grateful. Like so many other Ambucs, I will always remember that moment.
Favorite part about being an Ambuc: The impact we can have on Amtryke recipients and members of our community, as well as the fellowship and inspiration I receive from other Ambucs.
Goal as Region Director: To bring my region back together and increase the number of activities and attendees.

Gordon Shaw
Email Gordon

Region Director Term: 2022-2024
Joined AMBUCS in: 2012
Member of: Great Plains Chapter
Gordon’s AMBUCS Story: I had heard about the things that Great Plains Chapter was doing and I watched. When the chapter was involved in the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project for a disabled US Army veteran, I knew then that I wanted to be part of AMBUCS.
Favorite AMBUCS memory: While building a ramp for someone getting out of the hospital, we noticed a house next door had a piece of plywood on the steps. We went to ask if someone had a wheelchair. Yes. We used extra aluminum parts and built another ramp for Harold and Barbara that day.
Goal as Region Director: “Together We Move Forward”: to recruit, retain, build and communicate.

Thank you Region Directors for all you do!

Region Directors are nominated for two-year terms at Regional Conferences in the spring. To serve as a Region Director, you must be a member for three consecutive years and serve a full term as a chapter president. Are you interested in becoming a Region Director? Speak to your current Region Director or a member of the AMBUCS Resource Center staff!

Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Doss

When I was asked to start a chapter in Kansas City the first team member I thought of was our Treasurer Peggy. I chose Peggy because I wanted someone to handle the chapter money that I had complete confidence in. I’ve known Peggy for over 30 years and she has been a dedicated employee of the Sugar Creek MO Police department for all  30+ years.

Now Peggy could have just handled the chapter money and I would have been thrilled. Yes she has handled the money for 5 or 6 years and there has never been a problem. But no, Peggy had to get physically and personally involved.

One day Peggy came to me and asked if we could do a craft show to make money for the chapter. I knew as is every fall I was too busy. I told her if she would like to do it go ahead.

We’ll go ahead is exactly what she did.  Peggy arranged the whole thing from a food truck in the parking lot to getting 20 vendors to give $50 per booth.

Now she’s working on the 2nd annual craft fair. She is planning to have 50 vendors at the next one.

WAY TO GO PEGGY! With members like you, clients continue to get the help they need.

Submitted by Craig Wiser
President, KC Riding Chapter of AMBUCS
Independence, MO

Would you like to recognize a volunteer from your chapter? Submit your spotlight nomination along with a photo to Tiffany Albright, Director of Marketing & Communication, at

NorCal Trykers Benefits from Zombie Bike Ride

NorCal Trykers Chapter of National AMBUCS is based in Davis, California. The city of Davis, just west of Sacramento, boasts of being the home of The United States Bicycling Hall of Fame and of having more miles of bike paths per head of population, than any other city in the US.

NorCal Trykers has partnered with the Davis chapter of The International Order of Odd Fellows, The Bike Garage and The Bike Campaign, for the last four years, to hold an annual Zombie Bike Ride. A perfect event for this bicycle-focused community.

It all began when Gill Williams, President of NorCal Trykers, presented to the Odd Fellows and told them about the Amtryke program. They had been thinking of challenging the Guinness Book of Records for the longest Zombie Bike Parade at Halloween. They decided this would be a good fundraiser for NorCal Trykers!! So, an idea was born. The Odd Fellows didn’t make the record books, but the annual Zombie Bike parade was launched. This first parade was in 2019. The following year, due to Covid restrictions, it became The Zombie Bike Ride. There is a 12-mile bike loop in Davis. Participants can join the bike loop at any point, admission is free, and ride as far as they like. There are theater groups, Thriller dance troupes, Zombie sky divers, food trucks, monster mash after party and much more. The profits from sponsorship and individual donations (via posters with a QR code linked to NorCal Trykers) all go to NorCal Trykers. This year they raised $7,600, enabling NorCal Trykers to purchase 8 Amtrykes for local kids.

This year, several NorCal Tryker recipients rode in the parade with their families joining them.  Our volunteers accompany the riders with a NorCal Trykers banner to increase awareness of our organization in the community.

The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage are linked nonprofits in Davis. They partner with The Odd Fellows to organize The Zombie Bike Ride. This is a great group of people who support and promote cycling; their main goal is to reduce car trips and increase safe cycling. They accept donations of bikes and upgrade and sell them at low prices to enable more people to “ride more and drive less” At the parade they offer free bike safety checks, helmet checks and basic repairs. They also give away reflectors and bike lights to promote safe cycling.  Another great partner for NorCal Trykers!

Amtryke Champions Race to Victory

The largest annual fundraiser for the Ponca City Noon Chapter of AMBUCS is running the concession stand for the annual Motoplayground Race at Ponca City. This year’s event took place October 6-9. The event attracts dozens of riders and thousands of visitors a year, but the best moment for Ponca City Noon is the annual Amtryke Championship Races, held this year on October 8.

Each Amtryke rider is paired up with other volunteer racers, who accompany them as they ride the motocross playground on their trykes. Race teams get into the event by bringing race shirts and other swag for the Amtryke riders. One year all the Amtryke riders got custom motorcycle helmets.

At the end of the race, every Amtryke rider is declared a World Record Holder, to the wild cheers of hundreds of spectators. Five Amtryke riders participated in this year’s event.


The race promoter of Motoplayground was instrumental with starting the annual Amtryke race mini-event several years ago, and the chapter hopes they will continue for many years to come.

“The Amtryke races are awesome for the racers and the crowd. Hearing the roar of the crowd as they raise the hand of each racer and announce that they are a champion, then seeing the look on their faces really is amazing,” said Ponca City Noon Chapter President Kevin Florer. “It is just as emotional as the first time you see someone receive an Amtryke.”


Representing at Race 2 Independence

On Saturday, October 29, AMBUCS Resource Center staff and volunteers spent the day at the inaugural Solutions for Independence Race 2 Independence 5K and Adaptive Sports Fair at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salm, NC.


The sports fair featured adaptive running, adaptive and wheelchair tennis, a demonstration of adaptive paddling, and of course an adaptive cycling station, complete with a practice track. Attendees were able to test ride recreational Amtrykes and other adaptive cycles, all the way up to performance handcycles built for racing and off-roading. People of all abilities were able to participate at every sports station, and to experience some activities for the first time.

The untimed roll, run, and walk event was co-hosted by Ainsley’s Angels of the Triad, a local chapter of a national organization dedicated to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events. Their main race series program pairs runners with riders in adaptive chairs built for road racing. It was phenomenal getting to know another organization doing such great work to promote inclusion. 

Event organizers added even more value by offering COVID boosters and health screenings. A food truck serving upscale southern food helped refuel athletes after their 5K. At the end of the day, everyone who participated received a medal and went home tired but inspired.


Steering Toward Visibility

The Enid AM Too Chapter in Enid, Oklahoma participated in their community’s annual Cherokee Strip Parade on September 18th. Members donned their Enid AM Too shirts for maximum visibility as they rode on a flatbed trailer following a head (a group, for non-Westerners) of long horn steers.

Other members walked the parade route, handing out candy to children along the way. The chapter ran a raffle fundraiser, which was promoted by the parade announcer. They announced the raffle winner at  the courthouse gazebo at the close of the parade. The prize was a one-night stay at the Buffalo Point Retreat, located in Waukomis, Oklahoma. The prize was generously donated by their management and has a $1,000 dollar value. The fundraiser netted the chapter approximately $1,500. It is just one of the many ways Enid AM Too is promoting the mission of AMBUCS.

Amtryke Order Status FAQs

We know many of you have been waiting a long time for Amtrykes and parts to arrive, and we’re excited to share that we have 1,000 trykes and hundreds of parts scheduled to arrive by early November. Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about the upcoming delivery, and how we’ll be communicating about your order and fulfilling orders through the end of the year.

When is my Amtryke coming?
We have 2,500 total Amtrykes expected to arrive between November 2022 and March 2023. All customers with current backorders will be receiving outreach in mid-October to confirm their orders, please keep an eye out and respond. We will also begin communicating the schedule of arriving models and parts in the coming weeks. We’re still working to confirm which products will be in each shipment, so we can’t answer specific questions at this time. In general, parts and tryke orders will be filled chronologically, but not all models or parts will be included on every shipment. Orders placed in 2021 will be filled from the earliest shipments, but certain components and models have continued to be delayed, and customized orders take longer to fill than off-the-rack orders with no customization. Look out for more detailed information later this month about the expected arrival date of your order.

When will I be billed for trykes/parts I’ve ordered?
Trykes and parts are invoiced when orders are shipped to you. A pre-payment can be applied to the sales order prior to shipping. Payments are accepted online at, over the phone with a debit/credit card at 800-838-1845 x114, or by mailed check to Amtryke LLC, PO Box 5127, High Point, NC 27262. Please reference the quote number, sales order number, or rider’s name when submitting a payment.

Why have there been so many delays?
We’re still suffering from manufacturing disruptions caused by COVID-19. Additionally, the bicycle industry was inundated with business during stay-at-home orders (like what happened when everyone stocked up on toilet paper), and the global supply chain crumbled under the sudden demand. Recovery has been slow, and though we are on a clear upward trend, we are still struggling with supply shortages that have prevented us from fulfilling orders. In addition, even after receiving shipments, processing nearly two years of back orders will take time. We thank you for your continued patience.

I don’t need a whole bike, I just need [insert part]. Why hasn’t it arrived yet?
Global supply chain issues have impacted parts in the same way that they’ve impacted full trykes. We continue to work with our suppliers to get both individual components and complete Amtrykes back in stock. Each upcoming shipment contains parts as well as trykes, and parts orders will be filled chronologically as parts arrive. Due to delays in certain parts, partial orders may be shipped as Amtrykes arrive, with additional components shipped at a later date.

Will there be Amtrykes in time for Christmas?
That depends on when they were ordered, and the model and accessories needed. We will make every effort to deliver the 1,000 Amtrykes arriving in November before Christmas, and some trykes may arrive but still be missing rider-critical parts. Unfortunately, we know that a large number of trykes on back order will not arrive in time for Christmas. We will do our best to communicate the status of all orders by November, so that you can plan your end-of-year activities accordingly.

When can I order Amtrykes again?
There is no time like the present! New Amtryke orders can be placed at any time. Orders are filled chronologically, so the sooner you order, the earlier in line you’ll be when new trykes arrive. We expect to be out of our current backorder, with many models back in stock, by early 2023.

When will you be out of back order?
We expect that all orders placed through September 2022 will be filled between now and March 2023. New orders placed after October 1, 2022 will be filled as quickly as possible, though fulfillment of certain models and parts could take up to 6 months under current conditions. We’re working to determine timelines for delivery from our current supplier, and the timeline for beginning production on our new Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA) Amtrykes.

Is inflation going to affect the prices of Amtrykes?
Yes. As with virtually all other products, the cost of producing Amtrykes has gone up. We’ve absorbed most of those costs, and have passed some on to you as customers. We will continue to watch supply and labor costs closely, and balance them to keep our business model sustainable. Knowing that costs may continue to rise, we encourage you to place orders sooner rather than later, when you know you’ll need trykes.

When will BCA begin assembling Amtrykes in the US?
We’re working with BCA and their partners to finalize the first of our redesigned Amtrykes. Right now, we’re hopeful that US-based assembly of this model could begin by Summer 2023.

Still have questions? Email or call 800-838-1845. PLEASE NOTE:  We are unable to answer specific questions about when your order will arrive at this time.