Big Hat Club

The Big Hat Club is an honor group within AMBUCS. In order to qualify, a member must recruit three new members in a 12-month period. The club exists to take membership, fundraising and fun to a whole new level. Have you recruited your third member within a year? Join us!

The Big Hat Club was started by Past National President Charles E. Mitchell in 1939. The concept was to create incentive to bringing in new AMBUCS members. It was proposed that individuals who recruited three members in a 12-month period would get a t-shirt, and the individual who brought in the most new members would receive the “Rabbit Trophy”! At a meeting on July 2, it was decided to award a ten-gallon hat instead of a t-shirt, and that recipients would form a Big Hat Club.

These special, fun-loving members are the backbone of AMBUCS and provide leadership in recruiting new members and supporting the AMBUCS mission.

Big Hat Club Raffle 2024

Share with your community today

The Annual Big Hat Club Fundraiser is all about spreading the AMBUCS mission through FUN in a BIG way. This year’s raffle is no exception.

The winners will bring home cash! $10,000 total: $5k to first, $3k to second and $2k to third!!!

It’s also for a good cause! The raffle helps support all the amazing work National AMBUCS does, so every ticket is a winning ticket.

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