Planned Giving

GirlHelmet2Gifts of cash: This is the simplest way to make a gift. By doing this you may be entitled to a tax deduction and AMBUCS can immediately be able to use your gift to further its mission.

Gift of securities: Stocks or other investments that have grown in value, and which you have held for more than one year, can become a substantial gift at a low net cost to you. You receive a charitable deduction for the donation based on the fair market value on the date of gift and avoid general capital gains tax that would otherwise be done on a sale of the assets.

Gifts of life insurance: Life insurance is a great way to increase the impact of your giving. Premium payments by donors for policies in AMBUCS name are tax deductible.
Options include:

  • Naming AMBUCS as the beneficiary on an individual or group policy
  • The gift of an existing policy through which AMBUCS becomes the owner and beneficiary
  • The gift of a new policy in which AMBUCS is initially named the owner and beneficiary

Gifts of Real Estate: Almost any real estate developed or undeveloped is potentially a charitable gift. If you have owned property for a long time, it likely has increased in value. This property provides a unique giving opportunity and at the same time helps to continue the AMBUCS mission. You can donate the property to AMBUCS outright, place it in trust or retain the use of it for life.

Bequests: Donors often find the best way to make a lasting difference is to remember a charitable organization in their wills. A bequest is simply a charitable gift to be delivered at the time of the donor’s death. A bequest provides donors the opportunity to make a significant gift to support AMBUCS and create a legacy in their name at the same time. Bequests can be funded in a number of ways. Donors can be included in your will, in a codicil to your will or in a trust instrument.

Charitable Gift Annuities: A gift annuity is a contractual agreement between the donor and AMBUCS in which assets are transferred to AMBUCS in exchange for a promise to make payments to the annuitant for the remainder of their life. A portion of the gift is tax deductible when the gift is made as well and a portion of the annual payments may be tax-free.

Your Gift’s Impact on AMBUCS

Donors of planned gifts can direct their gift to any of three different programs: AMBUCS Scholars – Scholarships for Therapists, Amtryke Adaptive Tricycle Program, or Cornerstone Growth and Development (which funds new chapter building).

Donors always have the ability to specifically direct their gift. Donations can be restricted, partially restricted or totally unrestricted and can even be applied to specific projects or directly to the operating budget if the donor so chooses.

There are many ways to give your financial support to AMBUCS. With the many recent tax changes you should seek the advice of a tax advisor before taking any action. The AMBUCS Resource Center is also available to answer your questions regarding charitable gifts. Feel free to contact Executive Director Jay Laurens (800) 838-1845 ext 123 or