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The Amtryke National Wish List exists to ensure people with limited financial resources still have the opportunity to enjoy the fun and freedom of riding their own Amtryke.

People with physical and/or developmental challenges are greatly limited in their participation in recreational and physical activities. Given opportunities to be physically active, people with these challenges can demonstrate enhanced health and overall quality of life.

Becca Wish List Club 2015
Becca, Wish List Club Recipient 2015

The introduction of the Amtryke adaptive tricycle helps strengthen muscles, improves motor skills all while enhancing social relationships and providing an opportunity for families to participate together in a recreational pastime.

AMBUCS’ goal is to grant as many wishes as possible but wishes are only filled as funding becomes available and the wait can be up to 18 months. You can help us grant wishes through a gift of just one dollar a day.

Please join others in giving the gift of mobility and become a member of the AMBUCS Wish List Club today by making a gift of $365 or more a year, or $30.50 or more per month for 12 months.

A single dollar doesn’t buy what it once could. These days, it could buy a soda or a candy bar… but what if you could use it to make a difference in someone’s life instead?

Through the AMBUCS Wish List Club, you join others across the country in making a
difference in the lives of children and adults who cannot safely ride a traditional bike.

Making a difference every day of the year is what the AMBUCS Wish List Club is all about. Your donation will help provide annual funding for the purchase of Amtrykes for those on our National Wish List. Your donation of just one dollar a day gets AMBUCS one step closer to meeting all of our deserving Wish List requests, so please… JOIN TODAY!

You can join online or by mail.
(For online donations, select “Wish List Club” from the menu and make a gift of $365+ per year, or select monthly and give $30.50+ per month).

Here a just a few of the children who have received an Amtryke via the generosity of Wish List Club Members.

Cire Wish List Club Recipient 2015
Cire, Wish List Club Recipient 2015
Brittany Wish List Club Recipient 2014
Brittany, Wish List Club Recipient 2014