Report: Branding Time 2020 – Top Spread

What a beautiful sight! Nine Trail Boss certificates recognizing nine chapter presidents for membership growth during Fall Branding. To earn one of these spiffy certificates, the chapter must net at least five new members over a two-month period. Drum roll, please…

American Business Club of Springfield was at the top for Branding Time and continues to lead the organization in membership growth. Trailing just behind them was the Charity Angels followed by Enid Noon Ambucs.

Sullivan, IL AMBUCS Chapter didn’t stop after Fall Branding. They submitted four new member applications today!! They tied with Mountain Metro AMBUCS and Longview Ambucs.

Great Plains Ambucs is a leader in membership growth this year. They rounded out the list with Greenebucs and Charm City Trykers! Charm City is one of our youngest chapters and will celebrate their 2nd anniversary this March. They doubled their membership during Fall Branding!

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