What is Fall Branding, you ask? It’s an annual nationwide campaign to recruit new AMBUCS members that runs from October 1 to November 30.

It’s a great time to get your chapter’s visibility up in your community. To help with that, this year we’re focused on rolling out highly shareable videos and photos every week to help you spread the AMBUCS mission. Check out our latest video from The Great Amtryke Giveaway, on Youtube and Facebook!

Keep an eye out on our social feeds for new content each week in October and November.

In addition to the obvious benefits of growing your chapter, and earning the standard 10 points for your chapter score for each new member, you can also earn bonus incentives for recruitment during Fall Branding, including…

  • Chapters that recruit 5 new members between October 1 and November 30 become Top Spread Chapters (major bragging rights)
  • Members who recruit 3 new members during Fall Branding earn a Branding Iron pin, in addition to their Big Hat if they don’t already have it (and ditto on bragging rights)
  • 20 point bonus for chapters recruiting 5 new members during Fall Branding
  • 20 point bonus for each member who recruits 3 new members during Fall Branding
  • 20 point bonus for each recruitment contest held between chapter members or between chapters during Fall Branding

There’s plenty of time to get your chapter out there and to bring in more volunteers. Every day is a great day to be an Ambuc! Good luck!

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