Marketing Downloads & Magazine


Use videos to inform and engage potential chapter donors and members! A video of the mission in action is worth ten thousand words.

Customizable Chapter Templates

Files below are customizable Microsoft Word Documents. Each has editable text boxes to add your event and chapter-specific information. How to: click the link below, Save As to your computer, update the template for your purpose and save. Please note: The lighter-colored background images will print in full-color.

Press Release
Flyer with Toddler Rider
Flyer with Tween Rider
Flyer with Teen Rider
Flyer with Vet/Adult Rider
Veteran Riding Group Flyer
Business Card Directions
Blank Template
General AMBUCS Banner Directions
Template w/o url
Template w/o rider or url


Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.  Register now to get Canva’s premium features for free.

AMBUCS Chapter Brochure Version 1

AMBUCS Chapter Brochure Version 2

Business Card 

Don’t want to fuss with it? No worries, you can order Business Cards or Banners from us.

Logos & Photos

Visit flickr to download AMBUCS or Amtryke logos and all sorts of great images. If you need a different logo, subject, file type or size contact We do have vector versions of the logos for professional printers.

AMBUCS Magazine

AMBUCS Magazine is typically published four times a year and chronicles important news and events that impact our organization. We are always looking for opportunities to highlight the wonderful work performed by our members and the events happening in our various chapters. Chapters can email stories and photos to for consideration in the upcoming issue.

View past issues

The deadline for submitting news items for the AMBUCS magazine are as follows:

Summer – May 10
Fall – August 10
Winter  – November 10
Spring – February 10 

If you aren’t sure if you should submit your story/idea, ask yourself:

  • Is this timely (happened in the last 3 months)?
  • Is this something new to AMBUCS or your chapter?
  • Could other chapters benefit from this program/idea?

What should you submit?

Try to include as much information you can about your chapter news (If it was a special event: where and when it was held, who attended, success of event, money raised, etc). Please also include any heartwarming details and a quote or two from recipient/parent/member, if you can. A high resolution photo must accompany the story in order to be considered for inclusion.


  • Photos that show our mission in action are most interesting and are, therefore, more likely to get in the magazine.
  • Only send original digital (preferred) or glossy photos. Color photocopies, home computer print outs and photos in newspaper articles cannot be used. The image quality of these types of photos are not adequate for reproduction in the magazine.
  • Images must be high resolution (200-300dpi and at least 3×3 inches). Not sure if your image will do? Email it to and ask.
  • Please do not crop, downsize or color correct an image before emailing it.
  • If possible, name all people in the photo.

For additional information, including ad rates, please contact

Marketing Your Chapter

See the Chapter Marketing section of the Chapter Toolkit located in the HUB. You may also find the AMBUCS Glossary document useful.

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