Conference Presentations

Here are several of the wonderful presentations given at past National Conferences. If you weren’t able to attend or just wanted reference material, this is the place for you!

2023 Conference Presentations

General Session – David Desantis – Inspirational Speaker – Presentation
General Session – Carmela Davis – Magical Year of Travel – Presentation
Foundation Program – Danielle Pruitt – Inspirational Speaker – Presentation
Foundation Program – Kathleen Martin – Therapist of the year 2023 – Presentation

Education Session – Larry Turilli, Matt Trainor – Digital Chapter Management –  Presentation 
Education Session – Ben Kasa – Digital Chapter Promotion – Presentation 
Education Session – Marisa Laws – AEFT and Me – Presentation 
Amtryke of the Future- Jake Schumacher  – Presentation 
Supercharging Scholarships – Vickie Tangeman, Amanda Storer, Steve Davis, Pam Rasmussen – Presentation 
General Session – Jessica Wall, CEO – 2023 Annual Report – Presentation

2022 Conference Presentations

General Session – Valerie Trojan – 2021 Therapist of the Year Recipient – Presentation
Foundation Program – Tami Forwood-Tubell – 2022 Scholarship Committee Chair – Presentation
Educational Session – Ponca City Charity Angels – Grant Writing 101 – Presentation
Educational Session – Larry Turilli and Matt Trainor – Membership HUB – Presentation
Educational Session – Ponca City Charity Angels – Recruiting and Retaining Members – Presentation
Educational Session – Ponca City Charity Angels, Owasso, and Mountain Metro Chapters – Social Media – Presentation
General Session – Jay Laurens, CEO – 2022 Annual Report – Presentation

2019 Conference Presentations

General Session – Marcy Hardinger (mom of Hannah Hardinger, Amtryke Recipient), Keynote Speaker- Presentation
General Session – Pam Kerr – 2019 Scholarship Committee Chair- Presentation
Foundation Program – Levi & Dona Krystosek, Keynote Speakers – Presentation
Foundation Program – Cassidy Sanchez – 2019 AMBUCS Therapist of the Year – Presentation
Foundation Program – Pam Kerr – 2019 Scholarship Committee Chair – Presentation
Educational Session – Angelica Perry, Nonprofit Fundraising Guru – Grant Writing 101
Presentation, Grant Proposal Worksheet, Grant Submission Checklist, Foundation Phone Call Talking Points
Educational Session – Angelica Perry, Nonprofit Fundraising Guru – Cultivating Local Chapter Donors  Presentation
Educational Session – Randy Cloud, Past National President – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About AMBUCS – Handout
Educational Session – Pam Kerr, 2019 Scholarship Committee Chair – Chapter Scholarship Program – Presentation
Educational Session – Larry Turilli, I/T Committee Chair – ARC Technology Changes, You & Your Chapter – Presentation
Educational Session – Amanda Storer, Tyler, TX – Rounding out the Mission Panelist – Presentation
General Session – Scott Lill (dad of Thomas Lill, Amtryke Recipient), Keynote Speaker – Presentation
General Session – Jay Laurens, Chief Executive Officer, Annual Report – Presentation

2018 Conference Presentations

General Session – Shana Anderson, Keynote Speaker Adapting Normal
Educational Session – Show Me the Money! Panel
Kevin Sheehan, Savannah, GA, National President – Moderator/Bowlapalooza
Peter Moore, Conshohocken, PA – Restaurant Rally
Sandy Zimmerman & Devlynn Tanner, Greenebucs, OH – Kiwanis (handouts 1, 2, 3)
Denise Netteberg, SoCal, CA & Sue Haywood, Longview Too, TX – Variety

Chairman’s Event Planning Guide
Chairman’s Event Planning Guide Example
Roberts Rules of Order, Simplified

Foundation Program – Gary Westerman, Scholars Committee Chair – 2018 Scholarships for Therapist Presentation
Saturday General Session – Jay Laurens, Executive Director2018 Annual Report

2017 Conference Presentations


Expert Guest Speaker – Patrick Ibarra, Mejorando Group
Remaining Relevant: Recruiting a Generation of Service Leaders


Education Session – Kevin Sheehan, National President
Raising Community  Awareness

Expert Guest Speaker – Linda Garbe, Storyteller
Telling Stories: Getting Results (recommended resources)


General Business Session – Jay Laurens, Executive Director
AMBUCS Annual Report 2016-2017

President’s Dinner  – Kevin Sheehan, National President
AMBUCS: Simply the Best (Happy Faces Slideshow)

2016 Conference Presentations

Thursday – Education Sessions

Family Info Packet
Family Info Packet (Spanish)
Family Letter for Giveaway
Re-Cycle Program
Acknowledgment of Re-Cycle Program
Safety Tips
Facebook Photo Request

Tami Tubell – Huntsville TN Valley

Order Example
Wish List Example
Amtryke Store Chapter Login

Friday – Foundation Programmichael-pegg

Friday – Educational Sessions

Supporting Research for Amtrykes
Frame Selection Chart
Fitting Check List

Saturday – General Business Session