Big Hat Club

2021-2022 Annual National Big Hat Fundraiser

This year’s Annual Big Hat Club Fundraiser, which is a raffle that is vital to the success of our organization. AMBUCS is continuing to endure its hardest hit ever because of the pandemic and its repercussions. We’ve explained these issues in the past, so I won’t go into detail, but you may read about them here. Who knew we would still be in crisis mode two years later? I certainly didn’t.

With that in mind, I decided to “go big or go home” with my Big Hat Club fundraiser and I need your help to make it happen. While participation in the raffle is not mandatory, I’m making a passionate plea to help because of the last two years and the financial condition we are in. In response to this need, Alan and Sue Eakle (founders and members of our AMBUCS chapter in Beavercreek, Ohio) donated an amazing destination prize that will surely help our organization grow and flourish.

Win a Tropical Florida Beach Retreat!

That’s right… This raffle is for a three-night, four-day beachfront stay at GullWing Beach Resort in Fort Myers, Florida on the beautiful Estero Island!! Accommodations include a three-bedroom, two full bath, beachfront efficiency condo – 2,000 square feet total. The condo sleeps at least six, so it’s a great opportunity to invite a few family members or friends to meet you there.

In addition, the winner will receive airfare for two and $500.00 in spending money!

The trip will be good for one year from date of the drawing, is transferable and must be booked in advance.

How It Works

Combination Fundraiser and Membership Drive…

Goal: To sell at least one ticket for every AMBUCS Chapter Member based on the 1st Quarter Blue Chip report (as of 8/31/2021).

To help reach this goal, we’ve created a few chapter recognition levels and rewards to incentivize you  and will be promoted on our website and other communication platforms throughout the year.

If we meet our goal, we will raise approximately $70,000 that will go directly toward our three National Programs: Wish List, Scholarships for Therapists and Cornerstone. That breaks out to fund approximately 29 Amtrykes for Wish List riders, educational scholarships for 32 future therapists and the creation of four new chapters.

It’s a Fundraiser
  • Each Chapter President will be mailed one $20 dollar raffle ticket per chapter member (more tickets are available upon request – see below).
  • Members will purchase their ticket from their chapter president and either keep it for themselves or sell it to a family member or friend.
  • As tickets are sold, please fill out the left side of the ticket and mail the left sides of the tickets to: AMBUCS Resource Center, PO Box 5127, High Point, NC 27262.
It’s a Membership Drive
  • Any AMBUCS member who recruits one new member during the year will receive ONE free raffle entry.
  • Any AMBUCS member who becomes a Big Hatter OR re-Big Hats (recruits at least three new members) will receive an additional TWO free raffle entries, for a total of FIVE free raffle entries! This is your incentive for helping us grow.
  • The AMBUCS Resource Center will keep track of the membership drive portion. Raffle tickets for eligible members will be mailed to chapter presidents on a quarterly basis.
  • Chapter Presidents: Raffle tickets for eligible members will be included in the packet of items you typically receive each quarter from the AMBUCS Resource Center.

Request Extra Raffle Tickets: Please email Sara Zeller at to request extra raffle tickets.

Chapter Recognition Levels
  • Chapter Champions – For chapters who reach the goal of a ticket for every member, Big Hat or not
  • Big Hat Heroes – For chapters who reach the goal of a ticket for every Big Hat member
Chapter Rewards
  • $1,000 for the #1 Blue Chip Chapter
  • $1,000 for the highest percentage above the Chapter Champion goal of 100% (one ticket sold per chapter member).
  • Regions in which 100% of chapters meet the Chapter Champion level: Big Hat Region President and Big Hat Chapter Presidents in that region will receive a free raffle ticket

Let’s have fun and grow, grow, grow!

Lastly, I will be asking Chapter Big Hat Presidents for articles on fundraisers they’ve held and activities they are doing for the opportunity to be featured on the National AMBUCS Facebook page, in a monthly edition of AMBUCS News (our e-newsletter) or the quarterly AMBUCS Magazine.

Thanks for all you do!

Flick Flickinger
President, National Big Hat Club

’20-’21 Big Hat Raffle Winners

$2,000 – Richard Centar – Duncansville, PA
$3,000 – Curt Boyer – West Norriton Chapter, PA
$5,000 – Brittany Addair – Ponca City Charity Angels Chapter, OK

The Big Hat Club is an honor group within AMBUCS. In order to qualify, a member must Big Hat Club Logo recruit three new members in a 12-month period. The club exists to take membership, fundraising and fun to a whole new level. Have you recruited your third member within a year? Join us!

The Big Hat Club was started by Past National President Charles E. Mitchell during his term at the June 18, 1939, executive board meeting. The idea was to present a shirt to each Ambuc able to recruit at least three new members in a 12-month period. The concept was to create incentive to bringing in new AMBUCS members. The individual who brought in the most new members would receive the “Rabbit Trophy”! Fortunately, at the July 2 meeting it was decided to award a ten-gallon hat instead and recipients would form a Big Hat Club.

These special, fun-loving members are the backbone of AMBUCS and provide leadership in recruiting new members and supporting the AMBUCS mission.

National Big Hat Club Officers

Invitation Form to Join Big Hat

Big Hat Club Guidelines

Big Hat Club Constitution and ByLaws

Best Big Hat Club Award

Corporate Fundraising Presentation