Chapter Requirements

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Each chapter can make its own structure and process as elaborate or as lean as you want. There are very few chapter requirements; but these few requirements are truly vital.

An AMBUCS chapter must:
  • Work to inspire people to conquer challenges related to mobility and independence. Every AMBUCS chapter exists to fulfill the mission, with a high degree of compassion and unimpeachable ethics.
  • Fill out and turn in a 990 to the IRS. Chapters that make less than $50,000 per year can simply fill out the e-postcard. Chapters that do not fill out tax forms will lose their charitable status with the IRS. It is very complicated to regain.
  • Maintain your corporate status and charitable registration with your state. The ARC will file your articles of incorporation and your charitable registration with your state initially. Some states require yearly fees or other maintenance. We can work with you to determine if and what those requirements may be.  Your chapter is ultimately responsible for following the rules of your state for maintaining your corporate status and charitable registration.
  • Stay current with your district (if applicable), regional and national dues and invoices. If your chapter is struggling with this, for whatever reason, please be open with us. Your success is very important to us and we’ll do what we can to work with you.
  • Fill out the combined Form 135/136 – Annual Report and Report of Charitable Giving. We must get this information from you in order to maintain the organization’s charitable status. This information also helps us tell the world what a difference we make across the country. We can’t brag about you if you don’t tell us how awesome you are!