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Already sure your chapter will put on Trek 4 Trykes this year and want to fast-track the process? Follow these steps:

If your chapter would like to request more info about the Trek, fill out this form and return to the AMBUCS Resource Center.  View the brochure.

Customizable Resources

Trek Registration Card
Registration Card

The Trek 4 Trykes Manual contains many customizable resources for your chapter’s event. Below you will find a link to a word document of each of these resources to make customization easy. Bolding indicates a place where customization is required.

Name  (Page in Manual)
Press Release (29)
Public Service Announcement (30)
Sponsor Solicitation Letter & Commitment Form (39) print and mail or hand deliver
In-Kind Sponsor Solicitation Letter (41)
Partner Organization Solicitation Letter (50)

Please have every participant sign a waiver! Here is a clean Participant Waiver pdf to print off for them to sign. Any Trekker who registers via Crowdrise will have already agreed to the waiver.

Required Forms

Trek Poster

The Manual also contains several forms that must be filled out and returned to the AMBUCS Resource Center at various points in the planning process–see the timeline in the manual to see when.

Name  (Page in Manual)
Event Information Sheet (19)
Event Goals Worksheet (20)
Merchandise Order Form (31) Feel free to wait and order the t-shirts till closer to the event
Crowdrise Set Up Request (33)
Post Event Survey (53)
Trek Recap Sheet (55)

Trekker t-shirt
Trekker t-shirt
Volunteer t-shirt
Volunteer t-shirt
3 yard signs
3 yard signs
Trek Banner
Trek Banner