Capital Campaign

Be an essential gear in the AMBUCS legacy and help finish the Mission in Motion Capital Campaign.

Phase 1: Replenishment of Amtryke Inventory and Revenue (complete)
Phase 2: Add licensed PT to AMBUCS Staff (complete)
Phase 3: Creation of the Fred Sammons Amtryke Training and Research Academy

If each AMBUCS member contributes just $20, we can reach our goal.

These donations will transform the AMBUCS headquarters and make it a true reflection of our mission. A place dedicated to accessibility, mobility, and independence.

Goal: $600,000

Raised: $532,920

Donors: 60+ individuals, 14 Chapters, 2 Regions, 1 District

(updated 4/2/2024)

$20 donated to the AMBUCS organization provides ACCESS

ACCESS to enter the AMBUCS building through automatic doors for
an adapted tryke fitting

ACCESS to a trained physical therapist who understands physical demands and differences that a child or adult with a disability may encounter

ACCESS to a devoted team that deserves a professional workspace to attend to members’ needs.

ACCESS to a calm area for children with sensory processing difficulties to be evaluated and fitted for an Amtryke safely without unnecessary stress.

Your gift creates the AMBUCS Legacy and it will be represented as a “gear” in a tricycle-inspired artwork at the renovated headquarters


Over the Top Club

  • Dr. Fred Sammons ($200,000)
  • National AMBUCS Board of Directors Allocation ($200,000)

Visions Club

  • Gay Williams in honor of Richard Williams – Formerly of the Lawton, OK Chapter ($15,000)
  • AMC Urgent Care Plus, LLC  – Ponca City, OK ($10,000)
  • Carmela Davis of the Longview Too Chapter – Longview, TX ($10,000)
  • Great Plains Region of AMBUCS – Chapters in the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas ($10,000)
  • Greenebucs Chapter – Beavercreek, OH ($10,000)
  • Alan Bedell & Dee Frautschi of the Cornbelt Chapter – Bloomington, IL and the I-80 Chapter – Seneca, IL ($10,000)

Future Builders Club

  • Savannah Chapter – Savannah, GA ($8,000)
  • Dennis and Vicky Strauss of the Cornbelt Chapter – Bloomington, IL ($6,000)
  • Southwest Region of AMBUCS – Chapters in Texas ($5,000)
  • Ponca City Charity Angels Chapter – Ponca City, OK ($5,000)
  • Southwest, TX Chapter ($2,500)
  • Priscilla Sacks of the Mountain Metro Chapter – Lawton, OK ($2,400)
  • Berton and Regina Sheppard ($2,000)
  • Grapevine Chapter – Grapevine, TX ($1,500)
  • David and Kathleen Hallberg of the Grapevine Chapter – Grapevine, TX ($1,500)
  • Jean Sargeant of the Grapevine Chapter – Grapevine, TX ($1,353)
  • Kalamazoo Chapter and Mike Gray – Kalamazoo, MI ($1,050)
  • Allen and Cheryl LeMieux of the Walker Chapter – Walker, MI ($1,038)
  • Diane Carlton, Danville Chapter – Danville, IL ($1,038.73)
  • Pat and Bill Buckholt of the Greenebucs Chapter – Beavercreek, OH ($1,000)
  • Donna Carlton-Vish of the Emerald Coast, Panama Beach FL; Danville, IL and Greater Indy, IN Chapters ($1,000)
  • Dennis and Anita Clippinger of the Lawton, OK Chapter ($1,000)
  • Cornbelt Chapter – Bloomington, IL ($1,000)
  • Decatur Lincolnland Chapter – Decatur, IL ($1,000)
  • Dodge City Chapter – Dodge City, KS ($1,000)
  • Enid AM Too Chapter – Enid, OK ($1,000)
  • Derek Gottlieb ($1,000)
  • Theodor Hochman ($1,000)
  • Lawton Chapter ($1,000)
  • Longview Too Chapter – Longview, TX ($1,000)
  • Joyce and Bruce Peet of the Bluegrass Chapter – Lexington, KY ($1,000)

Originators Club

  • District 5-G ($500)
  • Fran Ginsberg ($500)
  • Griffin Chapter in memory of Jim Wall ($500)
  • Gill Williams ($500)
  • Carolyn Ramirez of the of the Longview Too Chapter – Longview, TX ($450)
  • Matthew Clapp ($312)
  • Jessica Wall of the Piedmont Chapter – High Point, NC ($311)
  • Sue “Amtryke Mama” Haywood of the Longview Too – Longview, TX and Mountain Metro – Lawton, OK Chapters ($260)
  • Jacksonville, IL Chapter ($250)
  • Joseph Geraghty of the Rock River Valley Chapter – Rockford, IL ($208)
  • Greg Furkin – Thank You: Ramp for Saige Walther and Family ($156)
  • Denise Grefe ($105)
  • Bettyanne DeBlasio of the West Norriton Chapter – Jeffersonville, PA ($104)
  • Pam Rassmussen and Curt Boyer of the West Norriton Chapter – Jeffersonville, PA ($104)
  • Alane Nelson ($104)
  • Kristina Bouley ($100)
  • Samir Naik ($103)
  • Occupational Therapy Association – University of St. Augustine ($103)
  • Jean Voorhees ($103)
  • Susan Bertuglia ($100)
  • Susan Fritts of the Owasso Chapter – Owasso, OK ($100)
  • Eric Oschwald ($100)
  • Anonymous and all other Donations ($315.54)
  • Gordon Shaw ($50 monthly)
  • Pamela Sweeten ($20)
  • Donna Hingtgen ($20)
  • Hugh Barnard ($20)
  • David Grayson ($20)
  • Diane Ulbrich ($20)
  • Hazel Kampschroeder ($20)
  • Wendy Merhoff ($20)

AMBUCS Capital Campaign

In 2022, we were excited to announce that longtime beloved Ambuc, Dr. Fred Sammons of the United and Kazoo Valley AMBUCS Chapters, made a generous gift of $200,000 to National AMBUCS! This gift served as the catalyst for the “Mission in Motion” Capital Campaign. 

The National AMBUCS Board of Directors unanimously approved matching Fred’s gift by allocating $200,000 from Board Designated/Temporarily Restricted assets in the National AMBUCS Permanent Fund (formerly known as the Living Endowment).

It is important to point out there are two primary components of our Permanent Fund:

  • The first and largest portion of the fund is made up of permanently restricted gifts to our William L. White, Named Scholarship, Amtryke Ambassadors, and Cornerstone Chapter Founding and Advocate funds. These gifts truly “keep on giving” and are held in the Permanent Fund in perpetuity. A portion of the investment income from these gifts is allocated each year to fund initiatives such as our Scholarships for Therapists Program and the National Amtryke Wish List. Currently, the policy established by the Board dictates that 4% of the value of the Permanent Fund, based on a 3-year rolling average, is allocated each year for these programs. These funds will not and cannot be used for the capital campaign.
  • The second, smaller component of the Permanent Fund is made up of temporarily restricted/Board designated assets that came from surplus operations income in prior years, which the National AMBUCS Board of Directors elected to place in the Permanent Fund to earn investment income. These funds can be withdrawn from the Permanent Fund and reallocated with approval of the Board. The $200,000, matching allocation for the capital campaign will come from these temporarily restricted/Board designated funds only.

Reaching our goal of $600,000 will provide a foundation to ensure AMBUCS thrives for another 100 years…and more! The funds will be used to help fund the following strategic initiatives:

Phase 1 – Replenishment of Amtryke Inventory and Revenue: – COMPLETE 

Phase 2 – Reconfigure staffing for the ARC (AMBUCS Resource Center) by eliminating a current position to enable the addition of a licensed OT or PT to our ARC team – COMPLETE

Phase 3 – Creation of the Fred Sammons Amtryke Training and Research Academy:

As unanimously approved by the National AMBUCS Board of Directors, the academy will be established in honor of Fred’s achievements, accomplishments, and selfless service to Occupational Therapy, National AMBUCS and our Amtryke Program.

Very few of you need an introduction to this renowned Ambuc, inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist with the ever-present smile, but here are just a few things you may not know about Fred Sammons:

Fred grew up in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania and attended California State Teachers College – which surprisingly, was not in the state of California but in the small borough of California, Pennsylvania – and is now known as California University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduating with a degree in Industrial Arts, he moved to a small town in West Virginia to teach mechanical drawing to high school students.

After serving in the Korean War, Fred attended Richmond Professional Institute which is now called Virginia Commonwealth University on the GI Bill and received his certificate in Occupational Therapy. His first job in the field was with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where he would become Chief Director of Occupational Therapy in 1957. In 1960, Fred joined the staff of the amputee clinic at Northwestern University, where he began to design and build devices to assist amputees with everyday activities. Fred recently shared, “During that time, I would go home and dream up gadgets to help my amputee patients. I’d put rough prototypes together, try them with patients, and then tinker to make them better.”

With the demand for his inventions growing, Fred decided in 1965 to devote all his time to creating, manufacturing, and distributing his assistive devices. He started his own company, initially called Button King Enterprises, after one of his devices. This later became Sammons, Inc. and quickly grew into a multi-million-dollar business. The company has evolved over the years and is now called Performance Health and is the largest global manufacturer of rehabilitation products.

In 1983, Fred was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Western Michigan University Department of Occupational Therapy. More recently, he was named as one of “Top 100 Influential People of Occupational Therapy” by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) in celebration of Occupational Therapy’s 100th Anniversary.

In his retirement, Fred has been a devoted member of AMBUCS and our Amtryke Advisory Board. Of that experience, he enthusiastically says, “I just fell in love with AMBUCS and ate it up. It’s so fun!” His ingenuity and creativity have been instrumental in the design of countless Amtykes and accessories. Fred currently lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his beloved Barbara Rider, also a retired Occupational Therapist.

With the establishment of the academy, our current AMBUCS Resource Center warehouse will be converted to a state-of-the-art training and research facility, and in in honor of Fred’s love of gadgets, will be affectionately nicknamed “Fred’s Gadget Garage.” Occupational and physical therapists from across the nation will receive in-person and virtual training on the proper evaluation and fitting of “adaptive trykes for amazing people,” as our Amtryke tagline says.


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