Pandemic Updates

Mission In Motion

General Membership Info

Important Dates/Deadlines that HAVE been adjusted in response to COVID-19: 

  • National Conference – The 2020 Virtual AMBUCS National Conference will be on Saturday, September 12, 2020. For the conference agenda and more info click here
  • The AMBUCS in-person 2020 National Conference originally scheduled in September in Louisville, KY has been cancelled. Instead, we will host a virtual conference on Saturday, September 12th, 2020. We are planning to meet in-person again in August 2021 in Louisville, KY. More info on this decision may be found here.
  • Region Conferences (Varied) – While we’d love to fellowship with one another, we’ll have to use virtual tools to carry out this year’s important business and trainings.
  • Deadline for 4th Quarter Scorecard (June 10 to July 10) – Due to the significance of 100% Giving within the last Scorecard report of the year, this deadline was also extended by one month.
  • IRS Tax Returns/Form 990 (July 15) – Chapters recognizing the fiscal year as January 1 – December 31 have received an additional two months to make sure their taxes are filed.

Important Dates/Deadlines that HAVE NOT been adjusted due to COVID-19: 

  • FORM 128 – REPORT OF NEW CHAPTER OFFICERS DUE FROM ALL CHAPTERS ASAP! If your chapter has not completed and submitted Form 128 – Report of New Chapter Officers, please do so immediately. Form 128 may be found here and completed digitally online, or printed, filled out and submitted via fax or mail. This information is essential, so the AMBUCS Resource Center can maintain current records of all chapter officers and their contact information. Even if your chapter intends to keep some or all chapter officers from the previous year, the form must be completed and submitted. Having updated contact information for chapter officers is also vital, as we prepare for our upcoming 2020 Virtual National Conference and elections. Thank you for your assistance!

Safe Practices for Chapters

  • Abide by state and local restrictions re: group meetings. Consider meeting by phone or a free video conferencing platform such as Zoom. Note: meetings are free up to 40 minutes and each participant must have a webcam and speakers.
  • Either postpone installing new officers or get creative with your installations. Crown Carolinas is still open and can fill your plaque orders. They’re operating with a limited staff and schedule: Monday – Thursday from 10:00 – 2:00. Email
  • If your chapter’s dues include the cost of a meal, in the interim, consider removing that expense from the overall cost of membership to help alleviate the financial burden it may put on some of your members.
  • If you’re a newly elected officer, start planning the year with your quarantine downtime. Check out the online calendar to map out all important National AMBUCS dates.
  • Keep our Mission in Motion. Continue to check back here for updates.

Amtryke Info

Important Amtryke Update!!

  • Due to unavoidable issues related to COVID-19, our supply of ProSeries Amtrykes (Models 1412, 1416, 1420 and 1420-XL) will continue to be greatly depleted. We will run out of Models 1412 and 1416 in early to mid-July and will likely exhaust our supply of Models 1420 and 1420-XL by late August. We encourage all chapters to continue to order these models, particularly if you have identified recipients in need, but please expect delays in filling those orders. Our next shipment is not scheduled to arrive until late September or early October, but we should receive shipments monthly thereafter. Thank you for your patience!
  • Development of our new prototypes for our ProSeries models through BCA (Bicycle Corporation of America) was also delayed by COVID-19, but we are now back on track. We hope to have the opportunity to review production-ready prototypes in late summer or early fall.
  • We have an ample supply of all other models (1410, AM10, AM12S, AM12, AM16, 1020, 1024, JT2000, JT2300 and TP3000). Grant funds are available to chapters to be used for the purchase of up to five Amtrykes for Veteran recipients. Chapters are responsible for only the cost of shipping.
  • All chapters will soon receive word about an initiative to provide more early intervention Amtrykes (1410, AM10, AM12S and AM12) to recipients. More on that very soon! 

COVID-19 Amtryke Guidelines: 

Veterans “Mission in Motion” Initiative

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy amidst the effects of COVID-19. For many, the risks of contracting the virus and social distancing is taking its toll mentally and emotionally, especially among our Veterans. AMBUCS is needed more than ever now and that’s why we are launching the Veterans “Mission in Motion” Initiative.

  • Amtrykes are provided FREE to AMBUCS Chapters on a first come, first serve basis, exclusively for Veteran recipients.
  • Program will end when $100,000 in grant funding is exhausted, so act fast. 😊
  • Chapters must agree to cover shipping cost only.
  • Maximum of five adult trykes per chapter are available through this grant opportunity.
  • Intended veteran recipients must complete official Amtryke Request and Waiver forms.
  • Therapist must complete official Amtryke Assessment and Selection forms and follow our updated protocols for Amtryke evaluations, assembly and deliveries/fittings.
  • One of the following adult Amtrykes must be ordered: 1020, 1024, JT2000, JT2300, or TP3000. (Also, a very limited number of 1420-XL models will be available). These models are already stocked in our new South Carolina warehouse, so they will ship quicker than other models.
  • When ordering, make sure you to inform your Amtryke Customer Service Representative that the Amtryke is for a veteran recipient.
  • A select few adult Amtrykes may be ordered for use in VA facilities for rehabilitation or recreation therapy. A chapter representative must first secure a letter from the appropriate contact at the VA facility, indicating how the donated Amtryke will be used, stored, maintained, etc.

Right now, keeping our “Mission in Motion” to help Veterans is more important than ever.  With the gift of an Amtryke, our Veterans are provided with more mobility, security, and independence. Riding increases cardio function, builds strength, impacts their overall health and fitness, and allows them to experience the outdoors in a new way during a time when they may feel a loss in confidence, restricted, and off-balance. Thanks for all you do to inspire mobility and independence!

Updated July 9, 2020

We are so thankful for YOUAMBUCS’ most valuable resource!

Dear AMBUCS Family,

While the recent cancellation of this year’s in-person National Conference is disappointing news, it pales in comparison to the challenges many people – quite possibly some of you – are currently facing. These are unsettling times, filled with uncertainty and infinitely more questions than answers. Since the arrival of COVID-19, worry and fear have invaded our daily thoughts in ways we could not have previously imagined. No one has the luxury of taking health, safety or economic stability for granted any longer.

Because the COVID-19 situation is so fluid, information can and will change almost as soon as it’s posted. To help keep you informed on AMBUCS’ efforts to keep our “Mission in Motion” during these challenging times, we’ve set up a page on our website for regular updates. We hope you will visit this page frequently for info on general membership, safety measures, Board decisions, cancellations, schedule changes, our Amtryke and Scholarship programs, and more!

So many of you give your hearts and souls to the AMBUCS mission, and among your many concerns is the well-being of our organization and those we serve. Financial resources are scarce and fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed. The negative economic impact on individual members, chapters and the national organization is undeniable, but not yet quantifiable.

Thankfully, we still have our most valuable asset…YOU…the dedicated volunteer members of National AMBUCS! Throughout our rich 98-year history, YOU have proven to be more than capable of rising to the challenge, even in the worst of times. Think about it for just a moment. Our organization’s humble birth in Birmingham, Alabama in 1922 occurred just four years after the horrors of World War I. Since that time, our nation has experienced the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, the Gulf War, the 911 terrorist attacks, and multiple economic recessions, as recently as 2008-2009. Through it all, our members fearlessly stood “Shoulders Together,” despite these world-changing events. The important work of AMBUCS continued.

That motto and our mission are more vital than ever. Simply put, people need AMBUCS! The business of inspiring mobility and independence does not stop. We must, once again, find the collective strength to keep our “Mission in Motion.” Please know you have the full support of the National AMBUCS Board of Directors and the AMBUCS Resource Center Team, to help you do just that!

Also, your ARC team is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM ET – 5:00 PM ET to process your Amtryke orders, answer your membership questions and more! Our employees have been working predominantly from home due to a statewide stay-at-home order for non-essential businesses. All office phones have been forwarded to personal cell phones, and remote access has been set up for all staff computers.  Individual staff members are regularly in the office to check mail, make bank deposits, pull files, etc. Please keep in touch and let us know how we can assist you.


Shoulders Together…but not too close (for now!),


Vic Menendez                                                                                                   Jay Laurens

President, National AMBUCS, Inc.                                                           Chief Executive Officer