Scholars Committee Letter

Greetings Ambucs,
The Scholarship Committee just finished the long, arduous and rewarding process of reading hundreds of Scholarship applications – reviewing financial parameters and reflecting over some amazing narratives – and then choose the best, brightest and most deserving to become AMBUCS Scholars.

We are happy to report that our task is done, but there is still much correlating and processing to be completed behind the scenes by the ARC Staff.

Due to scheduling conflicts that could not be avoided this year, the Committee met a few weeks later than in the past.  So, we ask that you still allow time for final processing to be completed and for applicants to be contacted.

The list of Scholars, amounts and sponsoring chapters will go onto the AMBUCS website before August 1. Named Scholarships founders can expect to hear of about the recipients of their named awards directly from the ARC before that same date.

We appreciate your understanding and patience – please resist that urge to call or email the ARC staff, just hang in there and the news will be forthcoming ASAP.

Thank you, one and all, from your Scholarship Committee,

Gary Lee Westerman, 2018 Chair and forth year member
Pam Kerr, third year member and 2019 chair
Larry Turilli, second year member
Sheila Davis, first year member