In 2016, we conducted a survey of 271 parents whose child or adult dependent received an Amtryke. Here are some highlights.

Do you feel Amtryke has had a positive impact on child/rider?

97.7 % Yes

Is your rider now able to perform tasks that s/he was not able to do before using an Amtryke?

57.14% Yes

Think about that, 57% Amtryke riders represented in this survey are GAINING ability!

Since using an Amtryke, which areas of the rider’s life have improved?

Play and leisure activities enhanced by Amtryke over 68%

How often does your child/rider use the Amtryke?
38.93% of riders use the Amtryke 3-4 days a week.

What is the rider’s diagnosis?

Most common diagnoses are: Developmental Delay (58%), Cerebral palsey (50%), Austim (23%) and Down syndrom (10%)

Please indicate in which areas you have noticed improvements in the rider’s physical abilities since using an Amtryke.

Enhansed flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and control were noticed most dramatically in the affected leg(s) and trunk.

View the full 2016 Parent/Rider Survey Report.

View the full 2011 report.

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