Regional Spring Training Conference COVID Protocols

The National AMBUCS Board of Directors held a Zoom meeting on January 21, 2021 to discuss the safety and feasibility of holding Regional Spring Training Conferences this year, in light of the continuing COVID crisis. Our focus and responsibility remain the health and well-being of our membership and those we serve.

With that in mind, the Board approved the following protocols for Regional Conferences, which must be held between March 15th and May 15th: (Important Note: The recommended COVID safeguards previously approved by the Board for Chapter meetings, giveaways, fundraisers and other events, also remain in effect.)

  • The safest and preferred venue for hosting large events, such as Regional Conferences, is a virtual, web-based environment.
  • If a Region elects, instead, to host an in-person event, the requirements below MUST be followed:
    • All state and local ordinances and regulations, as well as any safety measures required by the hosting venue, must be strictly followed throughout the conference.
    • All participants must maintain a safe social/physical distance of at least 6 feet, and ideally, 10 feet.
    • All participants must properly wear a face mask, except when actively eating, drinking or presenting, and even when maintaining a safe social/physical distance.
    • All registration information shall state the policies and practices that will be observed throughout the conference, so individuals may decide if they want to participate in person.
    • All participates shall receive a printed document upon arrival, reminding them of all the policies and practices that will be observed during the conference.
    • Signage shall be displayed at the conference reminding participants of social distancing and mask requirements.
    • At minimum, the General Session (and other activities to the degree possible) shall also be provided virtually via Zoom, etc. for those who are unable or have chosen not to attend in person.
    • At minimum, all training sessions shall be made available via the web, through live or recorded sessions.
    • Registration fees, etc. must be refunded if an in-person event is cancelled, or an individual is deemed unable to attend for health reasons.
    • Anyone violating the protocols outlined above, may be dismissed from the conference immediately.