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Inventory Update (Oct 2023)

In Stock: 1020, JT-2300*(* = limited stock available)
Inventory is expected to arrive fall 2023-the beginning of the year. Backordered items will take priority. 

Ways to get Riding:

  • Find a local AMBUCS Chapter through our Chapter Directory
    • Parents/Guardians/Adult Riders will complete Amtryke Request Form and Waiver
    • A licensed PT or OT will complete the Amtryke Assessment Form for tryke selection
      • This may be the rider’s treating therapist OR a chapter based therapist
        • Neither of these an option? No worries, our National office can help you out!
    • Rider will be added to local Wishlist and funding will be determined
      • Families may donate towards the tryke
      • Provide a Picture to help promote your rider’s fundraising!
  • Join the National Wishlist
    • Parents/Guardians/Adult Riders will complete Amtryke Request Form and Waiver
    • A licensed PT or OT will complete the Amtryke Assessment Form for tryke selection
    • Submit forms via email to wishlist@ambucs.org or by fax to 336-852-6830

Helpful Links:

Check out the Amtryke Request Forms.

Visit the Amtryke Store to browse current models.

Have questions? Reach out to Marisa Laws (Director of Amtryke Training and Research) for help at marisal@ambucs.org

Why Amtryke? We live the AMBUCS Mission of Inspiring Mobility and Independence!

We believe the fun and freedom of riding your own bike is something everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. People who are unable to operate a traditional bike can now share this experience, thanks to the Amtryke adaptive tricycle.

These unique trykes are designed to accommodate riders of all ages and a myriad of physical and/or developmental challenges.

Both Physical and Occupational Therapists acknowledge the Amtryke’s many therapeutic benefits, citing improved motor skills, strength development and self-esteem.¹

Superhero RecipientAmtryke, LLC is fully owned and operated by National AMBUCS, Inc.  a nationwide 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to inspiring mobility & independence.

To date, over 40,000 Amtrykes have been provided around the United States. The majority of these trykes are purchased by volunteer members of the AMBUCS organization and donated free of charge to financially-needy children or Veterans in their own community.

“We are all CAPABLE, we just roll a different way!”
-Joanne, adult recipient

  • 97.7% say the Amtryke has had a positive impact on their child.²
  • 56% say riders now able to perform tasks that s/he was not able to do before using an Amtryke.
  • “When she saw the bike, she didn’t look very happy and she said to me ‘but, I can’t use my legs.’ I told her, oh, honey, this is a special bike that you pedal with your arms, not your legs. She smiled the biggest smile and said ‘Can I ride it now?!’” – Parent

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Adult Riders
  • Tryke riding: a great low-impact total body workout that just feels like fun, not exercise.
  • Recent studies make a big deal of the green effect – a positive impact on health and well being inspired by spending time in a natural environment.
  • “I really cannot thank you and AMBUCS enough. This has been my dream and goal since I had to be completely wheelchair bound. (Many years now) This dream coming true for me is a true gift.” – Wendy, adult recipient

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  • At AMBUCS we strive to serve those who served via the Amtryke Veteran’s Initiative.
  • Want to return to an active lifestyle but need a means of  exercise? Like the idea of bike riding but don’t feel safe? Consider the Amtryke.
  • “I rate AMTRYKE as a 20 on a 10 scale. This cycle has allowed me to transform some of my ailments to a possible well being and state of mind.” – Mia Chel, veteran recipient

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¹Results from a 2010 survey of 151 therapists.
²Results from a 2011 survey of 286 parents.

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