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Recipient, dad and brotherThe Amtryke Program is a nationwide initiative for 501c3 charitable organization, National AMBUCS. There are more than 160 AMBUCS chapters in over 35 states – but there are many places in the US where we do not yet have a presence. The National Wish List ensures that people who do not live close to a chapter still have access to charitable assistance in purchasing an Amtryke.

It is generally quicker to go through a chapter so if you live close to one, it is probably worth your while to reach out. Through the Wish List, everyone receives an Amtryke but it can take up to two years.

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Inventory Update (August 2023)

In Stock Models: 1020, AM-10*, JT-2300* (* = limited stock available)
Models expected to return late Fall 2023: AM-12S, AM-12, AM-16, 1410, 1412, 1416, 1420, 1420XL, 1024, JT-200, TP-3000

Get On the National Wish List
  1. Download three required documents.
  2. Parent/Guardian/Adult Rider will fill out the Request and Waiver Form.
  3. Rider’s Physical or Occupational Therapist will fill out the Assessment Form and the Tryke Selection Form. A medical doctor can do the assessment if a therapist isn’t available.
  4. Return the entirely filled out forms to the Resource Center (methods detailed at the bottom of the forms).

While not at all required, the wait time is often dramatically decreased when parents are willing to include a nice image of their child. A digital file is preferred but we also accept professionally printed glossy photos. Please, no photocopies or folded images.

Wait time is also dramatically reduced if you are willing to participate in fundraising efforts. After the rider is added to the Wish List, you will receive an email letting you know they are officially added and giving you (optional) fundraising instructions.

Privacy Concerns:

Please be aware that we will use the information and any images you give us to promote fundraising for your rider’s tryke. First name, age, city, state, image and the details you give us in the My Story section of the Request and Waiver Form will be reflected online and distributed internally.

If there is a reason this information should not be made public, even for the sole purpose of fundraising for the rider’s tryke, please call us to discuss options (800-838-1845 x113). Understand that not sharing this information will make it much more difficult to fundraise and will result in a longer wait time.

Rider Application Limit:

Please be aware that since the National Wish List covers the entire US, we can only accept ten applications from each therapy facility per year.