Inspiring mobility and independence

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Recreational Therapists provide treatment, education, and advocacy for the disable community. Through working with Amtryke, therapists can become allies in the movement to make accessibility the new “normal”.

National AMBUCS has fostered a very special relationship with therapists throughout its over a century of existence. Our organization and its members impact exponentially more people because of their expertise and dedication.



Do you want to get involved?

Amtryke was inspired by a physical therapist in the early 1990s and therapists continue to play a vital role today.  Therapist help facilitate accessibility by performing assessments and fittings for Amtrykes throughout the nation.

Not everyone needs an Amtryke to experience the joy of bike-riding. When you sign the bottom of the Amtryke Assessment Form you are letting us know, in your professional opinion, the rider would greatly benefit from receiving an Amtryke. Side note: signing the form does not assume any liability for you or your facility.

Many of our 157 AMBUCS chapters across the nation have therapists at the core. We have hundreds of therapist members and still more therapists that work directly with chapters to identify and fit local riders would would benefit from an Amtryke.

If you are one of those therapists, thank you! If not, what are you waiting for?


Amtryke Adaptive Trykes

Amtryke has develop a wide range of adaptive cycles with various propulsion methods. We carry hand trykes, foot trykes, including upright and recumbent models, and hand & foot trykes. Each model has various sizes—all at a low cost. Nearly every rider can be successful, through our full line of highly adjustable trykes and myriad of adaptive accessories.

Many riders not previously considered capable of riding a bike can be successful riding an Amtryke. 

Here is what makes Amtryke different:

  • A therapist (PT/OT) performs an assessment with consideration of clinical information to make an informed, personalized tryke selection based on the rider as an individual.
  • Our dedicated team at the AMBUCS Resource Center takes time to help trouble shoot and cater to the needs of each rider. 
  • Amtryke through the support of National AMBUCS offers therapist training courses to improve safety, accuracy, and accessibility to adaptive cycling.

“It was AWESOME! Good interaction from instructor and attendees.” – Savannah, GA (November 9, 2019)
“Ashley was great! Very informational and great enthusiasm. Would highly recommend.” – Normal, IL (March 9, 2019)
“Amazing –> good lecture + hands on experience” 
– Lexington, KY (January 26, 2019)
“Really enjoyed being able to work with kids and have live demos.”
 -Battle Creek, MI (September 22, 2018)
“I learned so much! Thanks!” -Battle Creek, MI (September 22, 2018)

National AMBUCS, a 501c3 charitable organization and owner of Amtryke, has provided over 40,000 Amtrykes to riders across America. Local AMBUCS chapters work on the grassroots level to fundraise for those with financial need, while the National Wish List provides financial assistance where no chapter is present. Riders must be evaluated by a physical or occupational therapist to be eligible. Please be aware that since the National Wish List covers the entire US.

Please contact us for more details at 1-800-838-1845. We look forward to hearing from you!

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