Evaluating Therapists

Recipient with one of Amtryke's evaluating therapistsAMBUCS and Amtryke boast a close relationship with thousands of therapists throughout the United States.

Amtryke was inspired by the Physical Therapist in the early 1990s and therapists continue to play a vital role today. Since there is no qualification or selection process for riders to receive Amtrykes, we rely on evaluating therapists to act as gatekeepers.

Not everyone needs an Amtryke to experience the joy of bike-riding. When you sign the bottom of the Amtryke Assessment Form you are letting us know, in your professional opinion, the rider would greatly benefit from receiving an Amtryke. Side note: signing the form does not assume any liability for you or your facility.

Many of our 157 AMBUCS chapters across the nation have therapists at the core. We have hundreds of therapist members and still more therapists that work directly with chapters to identify and fit local riders would would benefit from an Amtryke.

If you are one of those therapists, thank you!

If you would like to become an Evaluating Therapist, the first step is to see if there is a local AMBUCS chapter in your area and reach out. If there isn’t one, would you consider helping to build a chapter? That way your community can provide free Amtrykes to local people on an on-going basis.

NOTE: Please be aware that since the National Wish List covers the entire US, we can only accept ten applications from each therapy facility per year.