Thoughts from Current and Past National Presidents

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We are so Close to Seeing Over the Horizon!

Vic Menendez, Immediate Past National President

Hello Ambucs,

Well, we are in the last quarter of the AMBUCS year. We are also heading to a point where I think we can begin to see over the horizon. More and more of us are getting COVID-19 vaccines. As for me, I have already received my two immunization shots.

At the national level, we would like chapters to send along their ideas to get us going and show us how they are doing it. After finishing ramp builds lately, I always hear someone say, “This is the first time I have been outside in a long time!” Which chapter has the best idea to spark interest in towns and get them to jump on board with our projects? We will be contacting chapters to see what they are doing.

It’s time that we look forward to the next year as we begin to plan our projects and new officers start to settle in their positions. It is time to plan the installation banquet. We are so close to thinking about having “Break Out Celebrations” as chapters.

Be sure to attend your Region Conference, in-person or virtually. They will have lots of information and valuable training. So, here’s to a strong finish… It’s time for Spring Training.

Put me in Coach,

Vic Memendez
Immediate Past National President

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Be an “Ambuc Zoomie” Like Me!

Patty Vannoy, Past National President
Patty Vannoy, AMBUCS Past National President

2020!  What a year for all of us!! Like many of you, I have been forced to stay at home and quarantine for over a year.  No restaurants, no meetings, no church, no gym, no grandkids-no nothing… the list goes on and on!

In the fall of that year, I was approached by some Mt. Metro ladies that told me their meeting was accessible by Zoom every week. They suggested I try it out and I did!  Thank you, President Priscilla Sacks and MMA sisters!

It has been life changing to be able to connect with AMBUCS and AMBUC friends on a weekly basis. Just the routine of the prayer, the pledge, the announcements concerning national & local AMBUCS news and events, and the camaraderie of the membership. Let’s not forget the fun of having Linda Mask as acting Sgt at Arms with her stories & fines!

A member can Zoom from anywhere and be connected to the chapter and “the outside world”! The advantages are many.

Consider the value of having your weekly meeting accessible to use as a recruitment, retention and training tool.

  • A potential member could Zoom in and observe your meetings and Amtryke giveaways. They may become so impressed by the chapter’s altruistic endeavors, as well as the fun & fellowship of an AMBUCS meeting that they decide to attend an in-person meeting and join at some point.
  • A member who has not been able to attend an in person can stay connected to the chapter and still be a valuable asset via Zoom. As an Ambuc they are still part of the chapter; they will not become uninterested and drop their membership.
  • In an age when we are not able to have a lot of face-to-face leadership training, new and potential officers may expand their frame of reference by observing not just their chapters leaders, but also other chapter’s meetings where they may learn valuable tips on leading a meeting, engaging members and excelling as a leader.

Some of our chapters across the country are using Zoom for board and committee meetings, and to connect with National Officers. Your chapter can always contact National President Sue Haywood and she will be happy to join you via Zoom, if possible. “The pandemic is teaching us new ways to do things,” Sue said. Zoom is one of those assets we can be utilizing in our chapters.

You may also contact Jay Laurens, CEO and/or Jessica Wall, COO at the AMBUCS Resource Center (ARC) and see if they are able to “pop in” on your chapter meeting. They can address issues and answer questions since face-to-face is just not possible right now.

If your chapter is doing weekly Zoom meetings, consider sharing them on your Facebook page or website. There may be AMBUCS members who would like to join your meeting or potential members who would like to observe the work of your chapter.

Or maybe you’d just like to be an “Ambuc Zoomie” like me. Try it, you may enjoy it! It is fun!

Hope to see you on Zoom,

Patty Vannoy
AMBUCS Past National President

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ARCHIVE: AMBUCS News: February 2021

A Note from National President, Sue Haywood

Welcome to 2021!  I hope you are staying healthy and are ready for this new year to get back to whatever your normal is. AMBUCS is still open for business – not the way you probably remember it, but we are still serving in our communities and providing ramps and Amtrykes across America. Does it look different? Yes, it does. Is different okay? Yes, it is! We have constantly made lemonade out of lemons and do our best to better the lives of those who need our help. As always, we will continue to do this…  just differently.

First off, let me apologize for my delay in communicating with you. I promised improved communication from the top down and have been a bit slow to start. Of course, a knee surgery and eight weeks of IVs did not help the situation, but now I am up and healing and ready to get started again.

Despite all the bad of last year, some good has come out of it: new ways to communicate! FaceTime, Zoom, and other programs have emerged that allow you to communicate with your fellow Ambucs without leaving your home. (You can even stay in your PJs!) Virtual meetings are a great substitute for in-person meetings, especially if you are in an area with strict in-person gathering guidelines. We need to stay in communication at local, regional, and national levels. Let me know if your chapter is interested in having myself or another National Board member as a guest speaker at one of your virtual meetings, and we will patch in as our schedules allow. Times are challenging, but AMBUCS is still open and we are here to help.

The following info is subject to change due to the existing volatility of the bicycle market…
We currently have all Amtryke models in stock (very limited supply of models 1410, 1412, 1416, 1420 and 1420-XL), so if you are planning to order trykes we recommend that you do so as soon as possible, however we ask that you do not order Amtrykes or accessories to stockpile. We have 1,000 Amtrykes on order, and the most recent date we have been given for arrival is August or September, but that date could easily be pushed back even later due to the overwhelming global demand for bike parts. The backordered rear steering kits that were supposed to arrive in November (models 1516, 1520 & 1520 XL) are now scheduled to arrive in early February. Now is a great time to take advantage of our Veteran’s “Mission in Motion” Initiative where chapters get FREE Amtrykes for Veterans by just covering the cost of shipping. In addition, we have an ample supply of early-intervention, hand-foot models (AM10, AM12S and AM12), so we encourage therapists to identify potential recipients for those models as well.

Also, considering the continuing COVID crisis, the National AMBUCS Board of Directors held a Zoom meeting on January 21, 2021 to discuss the safety and feasibility of holding in-person Regional Conferences this year. The protocols agreed upon may be found here on our website.

I challenge you to find new needs of others in your community who cannot get out to help themselves because of COVID-19 restrictions. Our organization prides itself on helping others. Now is the time to step up and find those “others.”  It might not be an Amtryke or a wheelchair ramp, but anything we can do right now to help our neighbors in need is important. Do you know a senior who cannot get out right now and would appreciate a meal delivered to them? Do it! Be creative, then share it with us all. If you have had a successful fundraiser during the pandemic, let us know what you did and how you did it so other chapters can replicate it and raise some funds. We might not have large Amtryke giveaways, but one at a time – safely – is a good start.  A ramp build with face masks and social distancing works too. So, get after it! A lot of things will work if we just give it a try.




Sue Haywood
President, National AMBUCS, Inc.