Media Inquiries

Journalists, thank you for your interest! We welcome media inquiries. As AMBUCS members, we are working hard to inspire people to conquer challenges related to mobility and independence all across the nation.

Please see the Who Are We and History sections for basic details. Here are a few other resources you might find useful.

Visit our social media pages to see all the latest.


Please feel free to contact Tiffany Albright, Director of Marketing and Communication, or 1-800-838-1845 x115.

AMBUCS Magazine is published four times a year and chronicles important news and events that impact our organization. We are always looking for opportunities to highlight the wonderful work performed by our members and the events that are happening in our various chapters. We do not accept unsolicited outside news stories. Subscriptions are available for $25/year.

With around 5,000 AMBUCS members in more than 33 states working to inspire mobility and independence in their home community, we have quite a bit of news to share!