We wanted to tackle some frequently asked questions at National Conference and in our inboxes about the Membership HUB.

Q: Did I miss the Scorecard deadline on September 10th?
No. The Scorecard no longer exists. Therefore, the 10th day following each quarter is no longer a deadline. Instead, we encourage you to enter activities on an ongoing basis in the HUB, but the only reporting deadline is now June 10, which is 10 days after the end of the AMBUCS year on May 31.

Q: I can’t update my activities in the HUB. Why not?
If you’re unsure how to update activities, check out this quick training video! Note that only committee administrators can report activities in the HUB, but if a chapter wants to give that privilege to a non-admin, all they have to do is add the person to the list of chapter administrators, found within the list of chapter officers.

Q: Why don’t I see my chapter’s score when I’m logged in to the HUB?
The scoring feature isn’t quite working yet. The developers found a bug and are working on it. Anything you’ve reported will result in points once that feature is turned back on. As for now, all chapters show a score of zero. When this feature is working, your real-time score will show on your chapter’s page. We hope to have this feature up and running very soon, and we will make another announcement when it’s live.

Q: Where do I input my Amtryke sales total for the quarter?
You no longer have to enter quarterly sales totals. All trykes given or recycled result in 5 points each.

Do you have more HUB questions? Email membershiphubsupport@ambucs.org to get answers!

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